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Ka Hana a ka mākua, o ka hana no ia a keiki

McGarrett and Five-0 take on the mob when a former boss is killed and Junior’s friend Cammy Lin (Cindy Chu) is on the run after witnessing the hit, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, May 4 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Will Sasso guest stars as Eddie’s veterinarian.

CBS translated Ka Hana a ka mākua, o ka hana no ia a keiki to What Parents Do, Children Will Do

Before we give you our review mixed with a wonderful experience, I like to give kind of an editorial upfront.

This “review” will be a bit different in that we (as in Sam, Cokie, McBear and Lou) were present for part of the filming.

There is also another thing in that this review will be different. We, as in Cokie and Sam, totally disagree on the episode, and on posting our experience of the filming. I (Sam) am against sharing our day on the set. Why do you ask?

Simple, because I don’t want to share my wonderful day with some of the people out there. With some of THE nastiest people I have ever encountered. Why should I even give them the light of day by sharing this wonderful experience? So that they can tell us again we are stalkers, we are harassing people, that we hate some people?

Even going as far as to threatening someone’s life. And hoping for them to die a slow death. What kind of dark soul wishes for something like that? How horrible must your life be.

How can you even look in the mirror in the morning, and actually like what you see? You might think all you do and say on the internet is not really you; it is just your anonymous internet persona. You are wrong. All your hatred and nastiness reflects on you as a person. On you as a human being.

Your constantly passive aggressive behavior is disgusting. And instead of writing about the show, you write about people watching the show.

Why? Why is other people’s opinion so important to you that you have to rant and rave about them constantly? How does that improve your enjoyment of the show?

I don’t use the hashtag for the blog, I don’t advertise. But still you come here and feel the need to ‘discuss’ your findings behind our backs. In your little circle of haters. How pathetic.

Those people, and you know who you are, should be ashamed of themselves. What a bunch of hateful, nasty human beings.

Cokie, if you don’t want to post this part, I will just write: reasons censored by Cokie. 😉

No, it needs to be said. I, unfortunately did not know all this who-ha going on which is probably good because I would have jumped in with both feet and said some things I shouldn’t have said to people I have NO desire to know.

LOL, that is why I didn’t say anything during our trip. No need for you to get bent out of shape over some deranged people.

OK, now with that out of the way, let’s see what kind of compromise we came to. I am willing to post part of the day, but will not give a full report. And I will keep many very personal pictures we took permanently off the internet.

Let me back up just a little bit. On Sunday, we were downtown walking, taking pictures of Ali Iolani Hale, King Kamehameha, the governor’s mansion and other buildings we have seen on the show.

And of course, we did some research for the one or other story that is in the works. What kind of fun to actually be ‘there’ instead of looking at it on pictures. One thing I found most interesting was the scale of the actual locations. They are all so darn small. By far not like they appear on the show. It is really amazing what a camera angle can do.

We began walking toward Chinatown, which is practically around the corner and spied this road sign.


We both stopped in our tracks when we realized what this meant. And we also knew exactly what our plans were for Tuesday morning!

And so our wonderful experience begun. One we didn’t expect, one we didn’t seek out. We came by it by pure luck.

We arrived that morning and parked in the Walmart parking lot. On the weekend the lot had free parking… this plays a key role in a note later in the day…

Oh, yeah, just rub it in. 😉

We made it the block or so to the street where filming had set up and stood on the corner of the sidewalk. A young man who was keeping cars from traveling down that particular street (even with barricades, people still tried to drive down it), told us that if we wanted to watch filming, we could see better from the other side of the street, about half way down the block.

Then he said something that totally blew our minds. “If you want you can go over the set, but if they tell you to move, you need to get out of the way.” He then pointed to a guy down the street who would be happy to answer all our questions.

We moved where he said and were very close to the Camaro parked on the street. There were tents and equipment all over the streets and sidewalk and at the time we didn’t know where the filming would be.

We were right there on the set, and everyone was extremely nice and greeted us friendly. What a nice bunch of people working there. We spent time there and watched the rehearsals, until it was time to clear the space and move to our designated place at the corner. So that we wouldn’t be ‘in’ the shots.

We didn’t know who would be in the scene. It could have been any of the regular stars or it could have only been a scene with extras or guest stars. We had huge sighs of relief when we saw that black Camaro on the street. While it would have been great to see the silver Silverado, we were reasonably sure who would be driving that Camaro!

We crossed the street and as we passed, I trailed my hand across the back of the Camaro. Just to say that I touched it. 🙂

Harassing the car, I see. 😉

Yes, totally. I have no shame.

There was a man and woman from Australia standing with us and we all followed the second person to another vantage point on the other side of the street near an alley next to O’Toole’s Bar. You might recognize this as the location of Billy’s wake a few seasons ago.

The person who escorted us across the street kept coming back to us and talking.

Yes, also a super nice guy who answered all our questions. Really amazing that they took the time to actually interact with us like that.

I told him that I have been on sets in Los Angeles, watched different filmings and that it was always a very different experience to what happened here on the set in Hawaii. He explained that they really appreciate people coming from all over the world to the middle of the Pacific, willing to spend a bit of time with them. After all, the fans are the ones keeping them on the air.

He then moved on to the “rules” to follow: (1) no taking pictures during filming, but when they yelled “cut” we could snap away. (2) Absolute silence during filming… some people have NO idea what ‘silence’ means! (3) No moving from where they asked us to stand. (4) Absolute no attacking the actors. He said you would be surprised how some people rush right up to the actors. About three weeks prior, there was a woman who ran right up to them before anyone could stop her.

Our crew member was really nice. He has been working there for a couple of years and came originally from Texas. He said the actors were really nice and sometimes they come over and talk to the fans, depending on what their schedules are and how tight the shoot is.

Anyway, at one point, Scott Caan looked over at us on the sidelines and Sam said, “Cokie, he’s looking right at you.” Well, yeah, he was, I think and then he started walking diagonally across the street in our direction.

Sam mumbled, “wrong guy’s coming,” and I remember repeating like a mantra, “Nonononononono…” Not that I would not have said ‘hello’ to him, but I had no idea what I would want to say other than that! But we let out our breath when he turned into the alley by O’Toole’s and used his phone.

Well, that isn’t really how it happened, and he did not only use his phone, but that is for us to know. 😉

You know, there are just people in the world I have no desire to meet. I would have politely said hello, but other than that I wouldn’t know even one question I would want to ask. Or have any kind of conversation really.

Like with all people I wish him lots of happiness, love and laughter in his life. But I have zero interest in him.

OK, back to filming.

The first “scene” we watched was Steve and Danny “arriving” across from O’Tooles and parking on the street. In actuality, they walked from under the tent, got in the car and Steve drove all of ten feet into the designated parking pace. That was the one scene, they only had to film once.

Yeah, it was over before you even knew it.

The scene where Steve and Danny are talking over top of the car was done six times, I think.

I think it was even more than that.

From our vantage point, we could see Steve with Danny standing facing the car. Steve was very animated in some of the takes and at one point, he hit the top of the car, but they didn’t use that take.

It was amazing to watch Alex vary the scene with every take. Every take was different, some with more emotion, some with less. Some seemed angry, some just annoyed, others just indifferent. Unfortunately that could not be said about his counterpart.

They filmed a scene eight times of mourners walking across the street, coming to the wake while Steve and Danny crossed the street. After three times with Steve and Danny walking toward the bar, they filmed the extras several times getting out of a car and walking diagonally across the street. Most all of that was cut out.

It is really unbelievable how many hours they are filming, and only a fraction, or none at all ends up in the episode. This filming the scene over and over again felt like it took forever, and in the episode, well, if you blinked you would have missed it.

At one point, someone asked who was across the street in a window. The crew member laughed and said “you’ll see”. It was actually the two guys taking photos of Steve and Danny as they entered the bar.

From our vantage point it was difficult to see what was going on at the door of the bar, but we did get a glimpse of Steve pushing his way inside. As if anyone was going to keep him out when he wanted to get in there.


They had a limo positioned in the alley near us and after lunch were going to use it for scenes with extras, but that wasn’t in the episode at all. Around lunch time, Alex and Scott got into a white van and they drove away, so it was time for us to leave as well. The crew member said they would reconvene after lunch but all scenes would be inside the bar.

But we were welcome to come back and watch. Well, honestly, it was a great experience, can hardly be topped, but we were not there to spend a whole day watching people work. We were there for seeing the wonders of Hawaii. And there was so much more to see, so we opted out on coming back.

While we were standing there, other people wandered in and out wanting to know what was going on. One woman was on her lunch break and had the loudest mouth possible. She was on her phone telling people in her office that she couldn’t get back just then because she couldn’t cross the street because of filming. That was a total lie… all she had to do was cross at the crosswalk, or for that matter, walk half a block down the street and cross over. But she kept calling people, telling them where she was and the crew member had to tell her several times to keep quiet because they were filming.

I really don’t get people. Seriously.

Three younger men walked up and one of them got his phone out and told wife/girlfriend/ acquaintance where he was and was “ordered” to get pictures of Alex and Scott. He then proceeded to laugh and talk loudly to his friends and was told to keep it down. He kept filming when they asked him not to and finally he went across the street to get a better vantage point. Other crew members went there and asked him not to film during filming and he ignored everyone. Finally a crew member stood in between him and the scene and all he did was raise his phone higher to get a better view. A police officer was there and I was so hoping they would make him erase it, but that didn’t happen.

No, that did not happen, but at least he left after the officer told him to leave the premises. What an ass. And you know, I don’t even know if his behavior is more disgusting, or all the people on twitter and Instagram who retweeted his footage without even thinking. I hate this kind of behavior, it gives fans a bad name. And it spoils the fun for others.

We found it later that day posted on the internet. And, more about this person in a future post!

I unfollowed everyone who posted it. I hate spoilers like that. BTS pics are fine, but actual footage I want to see in the episode, and not before that. And I think it’s disrespectful to post it when it is so clear that neither the network, nor the producer want it to be shown. During the filming of the last episodes some of the regular posters of footage went way too far, in my opinion. THAT is bordering on stalking.

Anyway, on with our partial report.

One other person showed up for a while. He was what appeared to be an older, homeless gentlemen who wasn’t quite all there. He kept half-way talking to himself, talking to us about Vietnam, the army and assorted other things. He asked what we were watching and kept trying to go down the sidewalk where filming was taking place. The crew told him he had to wait where he was. He kept getting louder and finally, I put my finger to my lips and said “shhh”. He looked at me, pointed to himself and said, “I am a man,” then pointed to me and said, “you are woman. You don’t tell me what to do.”

So there! He finally wandered off down the side street.

It was actually a really sad experience. That poor man obviously was not in his right mind. I’m pretty sure he was a vet without getting the help he needed.

The other thing we saw was when our crew guy met up with a car and a man handed him several thick manila envelopes. On the front in bold letters was written 8.25. He kept hold of them and said he was toast if they got lost. We asked if that was the new script and he agreed that it was, they would start filming soon. I took a picture of the envelopes, but it must not have taken because I can’t find it anywhere. Maybe it self-destructed.

LOL, yeah, that must be it. Our ‘tour-guy’ guarded those scripts with his life. I wonder what would happen if one of those scrips actually got lost.

So, that was part of our first fan-girl sighting. More to come later…

Now, on to the rest of the episode. We are a divisive duo on this as well… 🙂 I (Cokie) thought that while the episode wasn’t exciting, it was a decent show. While Sam can give her true feelings <stand back>, I don’t think she liked it much at all. 🙂

Well, it was another meh episode for me. With some of THE dumbest scenes ever. Like the fight. Ugh.

No, I didn’t like the fight. But I did like the comments from the grandfather. He summed up my thoughts exactly. Once the mouth is opened… 🙂

But what I took from this episode is that SC really is slowly, but surely written out of the show. Now even saying that he can’t do his job. Remember the scene where he couldn’t even be bothered to read the reports because he has kids? Two questions. Where the hell is their mother? And if you can’t do your job, quit, darn it.

I have to be honest; I loved the scene at the vet. Yes, it was silly. No, it wasn’t really plausible, but it made me smile. Steve and Eddie are perfect together. And it gave me another line I really liked. It had to do with a golf club… 🙂

I didn’t like the personal connection to the case by Junior. There was no need for it. I also didn’t like him working the case without informing Steve. That simply didn’t fit his character he has shown so far.

And I specially didn’t like the scenes at the railway, the shootout. Where the hell was back up? Why were they there all alone? Made no sense.

What confused me there is that I thought Junior had his phone and said he was going to call it in. There was no reason the others didn’t come in with guns blazing to help them.

My niece was watching with me. She had never seen it before; she’s 16. One of her comments had me laughing out loud. “I hope that mumbling guy gets beaten up. What an ass.” ROFL. Good girl.

And that pretty much wraps my review.

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Two masked robbers steal some tanks of chlorine gas from a chemical plant. They pull off their masks and… it’s Adam and Jessie. It’s allegedly part of Adam’s undercover operation. At least if he’s pulling off heists Adam can play to his strengths, because running an undercover operation clearly isn’t: he then has to report to Steve that, of the twelve tanks stolen, two went missing before they could be unloaded at Hideki’s meth factory. Rather than scream “METH?! ARE YOU COMPLETELY EFFING OFF YOUR EFFING HEAD?” Steve accepts with equanimity the fact that one of his task force is supplying a poisonous gas to a Yakuza gangster for the purpose of manufacturing an illegal drug. The fact that two tanks are missing, on the other hand… that’s more troublesome. Someone’s getting gassed, which means that the Five-0 has to postpone its nuclear attack drill, presumably a response to the false alert earlier this year.

Lou and Tani grill one of Hideki’s footsoldiers, who tells them that the chlorine was stolen by four ordinary-looking dudes. Before the Five-0 can get to the house where they are, though, one of the four is accidentally chlorinated (?) and left to die by the others. He’s taken to hospital, where he’s put into a medically-induced coma. Adam demands that he be revived so that he can be interrogated about their plans for the chlorine. The doctor refuses, and Adam has the breathtaking effrontery to try and claim the moral high ground: if something bad happens, he snaps at the doctor, “you’ll be complicit”. Maybe not quite as complicit as the person who STOLE THE CHLORINE IN THE FIRST PLACE IN ORDER TO GIVE IT TO AN ORGANISED CRIME GANG, Adam?

So, yes, the chlorine thieves have a mass-casualty extravaganza in mind, although as they’re otherwise good people there is a motive of sorts beyond just creating mayhem: Michael Imperioli is back as attorney/barber/surfer Odell to provide an assist to the Five-0. Even after disaster has been averted, though, Adam isn’t quite done: he heads over to Jessie’s to shout at her for a while, accusing her of batting for the other side. In fairness, he may have a point, but give his astounding incompetence one could hardly blame her for preferring the Yakuza. It’s not a terrible episode, but it isn’t great.


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Scenes from Hawaii Five-0, Season 8, Episode 23 “Ka Hana A Ka Makua, O Ka Hana No Ia A Keiki”
starring Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett and Scott Caan as Danny Williams

Music: Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting.

This is a fan video. No copyright infringement intended.

Of course as Alex O’Loughlin fangirls we can not pass up on this opportunity to repost these wonderful comments from Movie and TV veteran actor, the 89-year-old, James Hong……

James is a guest actor on tonight’s episode (8:23) of Hawaii Five-0 and he also appeared as different characters in a number of episodes from the original Hawaii Five-o

James Hong Thanks or your encouraging comments as my Hawaii 5-0 episode releases this Friday. Alex O’Loughlin is one of the nicest leading men I’ve ever met. I don’t think he allows stardom to change his inner person. To Alex: “Thank you for your hospitality and your fine acting.”
Such heartwarming comments by someone who has been around in the industry for so many years and worked with such a vast number of actors over the years …….
James joined Facebook last year, and just to explain a bit better of who he is as a person, we added this comment he made on his page earlier.
James Hong
( 13 September 2017) Wow! Thanks for your support of my official Facebook and Twitter Pages. I’m really happy to hear you have enjoyed my work of over the last 60 years. I can hardly believe it myself – over 500 TV and film roles (IMDB doesn’t list them all). Knowing my job as an entertainer, artist, is making a difference in people’s lives means a lot to me. Thank you. Stay tuned, because there’s still more to come!

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8.22 – Kōpī wale nō i ka i’a a ‘eu nō ka ilo

Five-0 must help Duke after he is forced to steal crucial evidence from the police locker in exchange for his kidnapped granddaughter. Also, Jerry goes undercover at a mental health facility in order to solve a murder, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 27 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Kōpī wale nō i ka i’a a ‘eu nō ka ilo to Though the Fish is Well Salted, the Maggots Crawl

Hi there, another double review, this time with Cokie doing most of the work. Thanks for stepping in.

I will be honest in saying (not totally complaining) that this was a very H50-Lite show with the characters I love being in secondary roles. But that being said, it was a good show and I did enjoy it. I love the character of Duke and Dennis Chun never fails to make Duke believable. Dennis is a very warm and humble person and I love reading his posts on Facebook. He did an incredible job on Friday night. But more about that in a moment…

Dennis Chun for sure is a very nice person, and he did a good job with this slightly bigger role.

First up, how would you like to walk by and find Steve climbing a tree? Nice moves there, Buddy! How cute was his scene with Spike? It looked like Alex was having fun doing that scene. Although it was way too short…

Short, but sweet.

Koa’s story is next up. I will quickly admit, that I haven’t been interested in Tani’s brother. The trouble- making, hanging out with criminals, lazy boy who was into drugs didn’t appeal to me at all. The question is… can we now trust Koa and his newly-found, drug free and working self? Is he telling the truth? Does he have some nice scam going on in the facility?

To tell the truth, I expected Koa to be one of the bad guys. I expected Tani to see him lying shot dead, maybe even by her. Guess my imagination went a little wild. But I don’t believe for a second any of his speech at the facility. Nope, not for a second.

Only time will tell. But honestly, I don’t need this storyline at all. Can it be finished?

You mean finished like the dreaded restaurant story line? Both so exciting. 😉

On to Jerry who was waiting patiently while Steve was climbing trees. I was surprised that Jerry didn’t irk me in this episode. He was doing a job that he could relate to and I think when Jerry was dealing with Harris, he realized that he could have gone down a very different road in his own life.

You wouldn’t believe my surprise at myself of enjoying this part of the show. I really enjoyed it. The role was perfect for Jerry. He fit the character, if that makes any sense. He did a great job. And I had no problem seeing him doing real police work. Odd, isn’t it. 🙂

In Jerry’s first scene, he did one thing wrong in his distribution of drugs… he took his eyes off of the meds in those little cups. Not a good thing to do…

Yeah, well, he’s not really an orderly, you know. 😉

Wow, how would you like to dig a fork into your forearm? Sounds like loads of fun to me. Yet, from watching that man, I don’t think he even felt it. How sad. I was amazed at all the people playing patients in the hospital. I noticed them the second time I watched and the people in the background did fantastic jobs showing their difficulties. Well, all except Kaziki. Just looking at him, you could see trouble.

Mental illness can be a real tragedy. The human brain can do amazing things, but it can also do horrible things to a person. Sometimes it’s just the brain’s chemistry that messes someone up, sometimes the disease goes way deeper and is very complicated to treat, if at all. Anyone could get mentally ill; be it due to physical trauma, illness, or psychological trauma. I think they did a very good job showing different forms of illness without going for laughs (unfortunately often done by tv shows). This time they went the subtle way, I really liked that.

I loved that Jerry felt he wasn’t doing his job and Steve was able to give him a pep talk. Steve (while always told he wasn’t a cop) gave Jerry great advice on how to go about working a scene. And Jerry listened.

This is really one of my irks about the show in general. Steve has not trained as a cop, but he is a trained investigator. He was with special investigations with the Navy. He has more training than a run of the mill cop. It always angered me when he was told he doesn’t know what he’s doing. As if he would have taken on a job without preparing himself for it. Or not being able to do it. That is just ridiculous. Ugh.

Jerry, no matter what anyone tells you, think like Steve.

Yes, we all should think more like Steve. His outlook to life is absolutely amazing. Oh, that was not what you were talking about. Oh well. 🙂

I liked the flashback scene with Jerry stepping up to the plate while Tani and Junior were whining and throwing each other under the bus, not wanting to do the assignment. Steve, if that happens again, look at one of them and say, “tag, you’re it.”

When Steve was talking to Jerry, I loved the comment about “good cops stay awake at night, losing sleep while going over a case.” I’m sure Steve has done that many a night.

Steve is perfect for the job he has chosen, because he’s the most emphatic guy on that darn show. He knows how people tick. And he can’t stand the thought of not being able to help or being able to solve the crime. And yes, I am sure he had many sleepless night because of that.

And when Jerry got back to the facility, he did as Steve said. He thought logically, found people he could talk to about the dead patient and he solved the case. I really liked Mila and the easy rapport she and Jerry had. You can see how much he has grown as a person in this episode, as he used to be so tongue-tied and scared of everyone and everything.

In the car scene, Jerry was very focused and knew he had to do something or he would be gone. As the team said, that was very “McGarrett of you”. And lo and behold, it worked out to his advantage. A bit more painful than he would have liked, I’m sure, but it got the job done. So, once again, think like McG!

And Jerry solved his first case!

And he did a great job with it. Really like it.

I loved when Mila came in with Harris and the look on their faces, especially Steve’s. They were enjoying that. I loved Steve’s smile and then Grover saying that maybe they should go.

And we get to my one big rant about the show. Can someone please tell me why, after 45 seconds of being in the same room with someone he really hadn’t met, why Danny felt the need to hug this girl? That was creepy and totally inappropriate and made my skin crawl. I just don’t get it. OK, rant over.

No, not over, let me step in. There is one thing of the show that really freaked me out. Why on earth did Danny hug that woman at the end in the hospital. A woman he never ever met before. A woman he has no connection to. That hug was just totally inappropriate. Or maybe that is just me, who doesn’t like to be touched by total strangers.

I thought about if I would have been OK with it had it been anyone but Danny? NO. First off, none of the others would have done it, and second, just no. There was just no reason for him, or anyone for that matter, to hug her like that. If he wanted to thank her for whatever reason… shake hands, and say thank you.

This scene was an absolute no go for me. Simply because he had no interaction with the woman before he met her in that room, two minutes prior.

I loved that we saw Jerry near the end of the show back in the hospital playing chess with Harris. I wonder if he was ever allowed to win. Because, as you know, “no one likes to lose all the time.”

So, is Steve still playing with the autistic guy from season six? OH, right, that was only on the deleted scenes. Darn. Never mind.

Poor Duke. I know he was under a time restraint with the kidnappers, but I wish he could have gone to the team before stealing the key. Maybe things wouldn’t have gotten so bad. Like I have already said, Duke/Dennis did a great job showing angst and fear with his granddaughter kidnapped. Although as others have already said, “another kidnapping?” Oahu apparently is filled with kidnappers. I’m glad McBear and Captain Lou were safe while we were there.

I’m sure no one would even attempt to kidnap either Lou or McBear. One look from them and any baddy would be running. 😉

Yeah, I think Duke should have called Steve. If he did, we only would have a very short story.

I love the faith the team had for Duke, knowing something bad had happened that had caused an honorable man to do what he had done. And after Steve talked to Duke’s daughter, he took total charge of the case and had HPD stand down. This was a man taking care of his Ohana and not backing down.

I love it when he’s taking charge of the situation. Just love it. He’s a born leader. And Alex is selling that perfectly.

I liked Duke’s daughter. She was scared but knew she had no choice but to do as Steve asked. And like he said, she was only doing what her father said she needed to do.

I liked how Steve easily put the pieces of the puzzle together after talking to Duke and how they were able to get the lawyer into the Blue Room. Lou (and Tani) did a good job in the Blue Room. I like the tactic of wrapping his fist in the man’s tie so that the scumbag’s chin was up close and personal to that big fist. 🙂

In the take down scene, poor Duke got shot again. One question I have is just how close his daughter was to that take down because she made it there before Tani brought out the little girl.

Am I the only one who wished it was Steve carrying the girl out of the building? No? I thought so.

Nope, not the only one.

In the hospital scene, it seems that one of the team is pretty sure Duke is going to get canned. He was so matter of fact about it. Like it should happen. Others wanted to rely on Duke’s excellent record and overall “goodness”. I sure hope they don’t make him retire. I would be mighty upset. Unless he took someone’s place on the team. I would be good with that.

Well, if they make him retire, he could work for Five-0. How about retiring from active duty with HPD and becoming an liaison for Five-0 and HPD? I could absolutely see that. His actions should have consequences. He’s not protected by immunity like Five-0 is. Even under duress… it doesn’t allow for an assault. There had been other ways. I’m NOT saying he should be fired, NO, not at all. But he can’t get away without any punishment. That would be wrong.

As I said it was wrong that Chin and Danny got away without punishment for murder. Or Kono for unprovoked assault on a civilian, and for countless times of police brutality. There should be some kind of punishment for wrongful behavior.

Even though we did get a glimpse of the dreaded restaurant, at least there was no argument involved with it. Please, please, please end the restaurant with the end of this season. I am begging you.

LOL, no argument? Couldn’t you hear Danny ranting about Steve painting it all wrong? I could. 😉 And YES, please end this crap.

Oh, and one more purely fan-girly note. I really loved that black button down shirt. Can we keep it?

Got my vote.

This was a really good episode. Something I did not expect. So, that was a very nice surprise.

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