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We wish you all a great start into 2019. May your year be filled with love, laughter, health and happiness.

And for H50 we hope for a great rest of the season.

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Sky Living’s all-American all-procedurals Sunday line-up is back in place as of tomorrow, with perennial Unpopcult favourite Hawaii Five-0 (9pm) joined by MacGyver (8pm) and NCIS: LA (10pm). I can’t comment on the other two, but H50 showed the strength of the format and its leads by surviving, quite comfortably, the loss of Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim. Weekly reviews as usual.

And a word about The Undiscovered… Sky Arts’s Victor Lewis-Smith-produced short season of documentaries about British comedy actors Kenneth Williams, Peter Sellers, and Tony Hancock. All are available on catch-up until mid-January and something close to unmissable, marrying diligent research and crisp social commentary. The real shame is that they were tucked away on Sky Arts: any public service broadcaster worth its licence fee would be chucking shitloads of money at Lewis-Smith, a sui generis talent, and inviting him to make whatever the hell he wants.


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If your a fan of Hawaii Five-0, then you about the relationship between Catherine Rollins and the main character Steve McGarrett. You know that they were in the Navy together, and the their relationship grew outside of the Navy as well. Both had been stationed and were living in Hawaii. Once Steve decided to leave the SEALS and start Five-0, Catherine was still in the Navy, and Steve used her recourses to help out Five-0 when they needed help. However their relationship is more than just the Navy.

These two wonderful edits were made by a very talented fan! I need to find out who again so I give them proper credit, but I love them. Between the two of them, Steve and Cath has earned some of the highest military awards the Navy gives out. That’s a part due to who they are as people, but also military officers.

Steve and Catherine’s love story is a special one. This goes back to my last H50 post about the death of Joe White and how that impacted Steve. One of the many things Joe did for Steve was to tell him to ask Catherine out, Joe knew how much Steve liked Catherine. Their story has only gone from there. Besides Danny, Catherine has been there for Steve whenever he was in need of someone. Now the Joe is dead, I’m SO glad Catherine is going to be there to help Steve, Danny, and Junior hunt down the killers, and in the process capture Greer again, who pulled an old Wo Fat trick in the last episode.

Both Cath and Steve have faced life threatening missions and more often then not they did them together. As heartbreaking as it was to see Cath leave Steve, she was doing the right thing at the time, and I know many fans would say other wise but there is always two ways to look at things. I truly belief deep down Catherine still loves Steve, and I hope in the end they can be together because they are meant for one another.

I can think so many major milestones/events Catherine and Steve have been together for just to name a few: Cath leaving the Navy, Steve and Danno getting stuck under that building in season four–episode 19. One of the most emotional ones of the series. I just rewatched it before writing this blog.

Another memory of these two I have was in season 4 when Steve went to visit his fathers grave and Cath was there with him. Losing his father was hard on Steve, and Cath was there to support him. But also the ordeal with Steve’s mother. Steve finding out she was alive, he was angry for a long time, and asking Cath to fin out the real story. Steve knew this was his mother, but that was never gonna stop Steve from doing what was right because it was his job.

In season four, when Billy was killed seeing Cath that worked up was something so different then we had ever seem out of her character throughout the entire series. But Steve was there to comfort her. Seeing Steve so worried at the hospital after Cath getting shot was one of my favorite moments between the two of them. Such a special memory of how much they truly love each other.


This edit was made by a dear friend of mine Kayla. She is the master at these. One of my favorites. Such a representation of who Steve and Catherine really are. Nothing makes me happier as a fan of the show than this.

No matter how heated the debates get about these truly “loving” each other it won’t stop me from loving them and being a fan of them. In my mind this how the story should go, Steve and Catherine together. We knew from the beginning they loved each other and now nine seasons later we know they love each other still now, no matter what any other fan may tell you.


Recently, I have picked up editing as a hobby. I have been starting to make more edits of these two like the one down below. Even in the photos they are just adorable together.


THIS is so the reason why Catherine and Steve are one if not the most unique tv ship on tv. Even if someone is in harms way, they will always be there for one another to make sure the other is safe, and gets home okay. This is the what true love looks like, and I can’t get enough of it.


How iconic and special is this moment? I just the way they are standing next to each other. I mean look how strong Steve’s arms are! Just two cute for words to even describe. IMG_1113.JPG

Remember this moment from last season? One of my favorite shots. Having Catherine back for an episode is such a treat, and to get photos like this on top if it, how amazing is that?! In my book extra super amazing!! I hope her return in season 9 starts sometime new between Steve and Catherine and maybe something the fans aren’t excepting like Cath is gonna stay in town, and the love strong between these two can continue to grow and change.

This photo and quote are a perfect explain to who these two people are. The way they look at each other….don’t get me on that train or else things will go in a totally different direction.

I hope you enjoyed coming down memory lane with me about these two special souls that are Lt. Catherine Rollins and Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett. I hope this reminds you who they are as people, and why so many of us love them so dearly. But it’s also a good reminder to how far they have come, and continue to go and change over the years. Their story together is far from over, they have a lot left. Which gives me so much hope for the future and beyond. This journey we are on with them could take a totally different turn in the matter of seconds. I hope that means marriage in the future. We will see.

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9.10 – Pio ke kukui, pō‘ele ka hale

After fighting off an assassin in his own home, McGarrett and Joe White (guest star Terry O’Quinn) flee to Montana to prepare for a battle against those exacting revenge for a past SEAL mission, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Dec. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Pio ke kukui, pō‘ele ka hale to When the Light Goes Out, the House Is Dark

Finally, the review for one of the best episodes of the show. Yeah, yeah, I know, we normally don’t give the verdict up front. But come on, were there any doubts about the verdict? I don’t think so.

I am really sorry it took us this long to get this thing out to you, all my fault. I simply didn’t have the time, and more importantly, I was kinda overwhelmed by the episode. I found it extremely difficult to express my thoughts for it.

So, I hope you are still kinda interested in a review. If not, well, just skip it. 😊 …Sam

Cokie begins: I really don’t know where to begin. I am still amazed and blown away by this episode. Sam and I watched it on Saturday… twice. And then we watched again Sunday before we left for Frankfurt. I have planned to watch since I’ve been home, but things keep getting in the way. THAT really needs to get remedied very soon.

You see, Cokie and I spent a great vacation together. She came all the way over for a two-weeks visit. I can tell you, the trip over was an adventure on its own. But that story is for another time. Back to the long overdue review.

So yes, Cokie is right, I also wanted to be done with the review days ago since the show really deserves a review this time. Which we all know is not always the case. I did watch it a few more times by now, and I am still in awe. Why the heck can’t the show always be this good? Guess many factors, but we’ll come to that.

So, I guess I will begin at the beginning.

Good choice. 😉

Nice shots of Steve swimming although they had been used before. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy them all over again. 🙂 I had wondered why Eddie wasn’t swimming with him, but it was good that Eddie wasn’t around. That killer would not have hesitated to take him out, too.

I so wish they would show us more of Steve in the water. Don’t care in what form; swimming, snorkeling, diving or just on a boat would be fine with me.

But back up a little first. Let’s start with the beginning of the show. We saw a happy family in California; daddy and two kids playing in the pool. And we instantly knew it wouldn’t last long. Only question was “will they all get killed”? Thankfully we didn’t get an answer to that. I want to believe that the mother and kids were unharmed.

It was good seeing Joe trying to take care of his men. Unfortunately his warning came too late. Question was, would it be too late for Steve as well?

Now, for the fight scene. Loved, loved it when Steve dropped when he heard the sound of the weapon. He was already on alert from seeing that Joe had been calling, but that was simply perfect and showed his excellent SEAL skills. And that was some one-on-one fight. Very impressive.

Yes, it was great seeing Steve being the awesome guy he really is. During the more or less boring episodes people often forget what a highly trained person Steve actually is. In my eyes, they use his knowledge and his abilities way too seldom.

I am a huge fan of hand-to-hand combat. I love that kind of action. I don’t care much about car chases, although give me a good chase on foot and I will watch that for hours. I am fascinated by “Parcour”, so give me action where people are directly involved and I am one happy camper. This time, we got a great fight with fists and improvised weapons. The frying pan to Steve’s poor face was the icing on the cake. And it again showed the great love for detail after Steve was hit. He was uncoordinated and sluggish, resulting in missing his shots. Great acting, great choreography. Thanks to the stunt guys for giving us such great action. Again, kudos to you all.

Here is my first take-away: This episode was an adult show; one that showcased Steve’s SEAL abilities, his ‘family’ from the Navy and his personality when dealing with those people. He was different from when he is with 5-0. Not that I have anything against him when he is working with his team, but even in the dire situation they were in, he was a bit cheeky. The camaraderie with Joe and Cole was so good. There was none of the ‘comedy’ or team drama that occurs on most of the episodes and it was a welcome relief to actually watch a good, intense episode.

Intense it was. And I was more than happy that none of the team went with Steve. And I was even more happy that one member was completely missing. Sorry, but none of them would have fit into the story with Steve and Joe. Not even Junior. I loved the scene Steve telling Junior to stay out of it. And that he understood without even arguing about it. They both acted like adults who understood each other. So great to see.


I honestly can’t stand the normal forced drama and arguing we have to endure on this show. It is such a great show when they put their minds and talent to it. And taking the horribly forced comedy out of it.

And yes, Steve is very different as a SEAL. I love both of them, but SEAL-Steve actually feels more natural to him. Like that is who he really is. Hard to explain.

He doesn’t have to explain anything to his SEAL buddies, or Joe. They all have the same training, they are on the same level. That is liberating and comfortable.

I loved Steve when he was talking with Greer. He knew exactly what he was doing and knew when she took the bait. And, of course, I loved the part where he said she was giving up her accommodations for worse ones at another prison.

He already knew what he would do and what the plan would be when he was still sitting on the kitchen floor and bleeding all over the place. How awesome is this guy?!

OK, so we need to fit Adam somehow into the show. Huh, not sure what I think about his scenes. As I said before, I like IAD, but Adam? Not really. Why on earth is he part of Five-0? What right does he have to wear a badge? He is a convicted felon! He has NO training whatsoever. This is still making me mad.

Anyway… they found out who the link to the outside was, and of course they escape. Seriously, how stupid is that!


Take-away Two: Why do they put people in prison? It seems they always escape. From Halawa and also from Victorville. Can’t they find guards who have scruples?

It’s getting ridiculous. If you want to prolong any kind of story, just don’t put them into prison in the first place. This escaping shit is getting rather annoying.

Loved the scene with Steve and Joe in the car. Steve was already worried about Joe and I think, even then, Joe knew the outcome of this battle. He was weary. He hadn’t contacted his girlfriend after he was rescued and I think he knew his time was coming soon.

Steve knew. He knew that Joe might not make it through it. I absolutely adored that scene in the car. And this scene actually made the outcome OK to me. Because Joe was expecting it, and was OK with it.


Getting to the cabin and seeing Cole was awesome. I loved Cole bragging about the weapons he brought, only to be shown up by Joe. Steve was quite impressed, I believe. It was interesting watching the three of them prep the house for the battle to come. They knew what they were doing, worked in tandem and got the job finished.

Awesome and even funny scenes. They were at ease with each other. It just felt right. They were like a well oiled machine. Oh, how I wish it would always be like that.

I was sorry Cole was taken down so soon, but let’s be honest, we knew he wasn’t going to come out alive. I kept hoping that Joe would pull out a miracle, but I think we all pretty much knew how this would end.

Yeah, we knew, but really, how he died was rather stupid. Tell me, why the heck was he outside? He could have done his sniper job just as well, or even better from inside. Or from better cover. And jumping up and trying to run inside like he did? Well, that was not very clever. This whole thing with him outside was really stupid, and an easy way out to kill him off.

But it gave us quite a firefight. With RPGs and all.

Unfortunately, it also gave us Joe getting shot. Even the most optimistic viewer must have known then that Joe would not make it.


But I never expected the ending we got. I loved Steve arguing with Joe to continue. To seek help. To fight. But I don’t think Joe had any fight left in him. Once Steve realized that, he wanted to thank Joe for everything, beginning with thanks from a sad, scared 16 year old boy who had lost his family. I love those little tidbits of Steve’s history that are thrown in from time to time.

It is not in Steve to give up. To not fight. But in the end he had to realize that Joe was at the end of his rope, and he accepted that. Those were absolutely great scenes. Great acting by the both of them.

The ending scene before fading to black was simply perfect. I was just sitting there with my mouth hanging open. Three times. 🙂

I loved Joe. From the very beginning to his last breath. And I am so sad that he was the one they killed off. On the other hand I am totally OK with it. That sounds rather strange and contradictory, but it’s not. It was time for Joe to go. The character had outlived his purpose. For Steve’s story it was the right thing to happen.

How sad it might be, but the story comes first. If that means to kill off a character, no matter how beloved, then so be it. And this was right for the story.

Final take-away: Alex acted his socks off in this one. Anyone who says he isn’t a serious actor needs to watch this. He absolutely amazed me.

He does his thing with such ease. That is what amazes me time and time again. There seldom is any material on Five-0 where an actor can shine, but Alex does it even with the small scenes. A look here, a smile there. And then come the fantastic episodes where he gets material he can really work with. Like this one. And it is such a joy to watch it.



Now, on to 9.11. While I am extremely excited to see the next one, I am afraid I will be disappointed. They will have a second storyline in Hawaii and I don’t want it to be silly or contrived simply to give the actors something to do. I want this to be a good, fitting story that is a testimony to the life Joe lived. And I want Greer gone. Doesn’t matter how it happens, but I don’t want her in another prison that she can escape from.

Honestly, I don’t want to think about the next episode, or better about two things. Danny and the second story line. Both things I don’t need. As Steve said “we don’t need that”.

On a scale from one to ten, I give this one a 17.5. At least. One of the best… if not THE best, they have shown.

This episode is the first that is in the same category as the pilot and 5.07 – it might even be better. I haven’t decided yet. But yeah, these are my top three episodes. And in all three were big deaths involved; John McGarrett, Wo Fat, and now Joe White. Three key figures are already gone, who will be next?

There is so much more to say about this episode, maybe we will say the one or other thing in comments.

And yes, in case you wondered, this one gets full points.


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Hey guys! How are we??!!! I hope good!! Anyways this another Five-0 blog. Grab the tissues cause you may need them! Just a little warning for ya!

Seeing my man McGarrett just hurts this fangirls heart so very much. No one ever likes to see someone they care about hurt like that. I truly believe this is a master plan of Greer’s to get back at Steve. Remember in 9×2, when Steve and Greer were talking about the “secret” from years ago, I think that is going to a pay a part into this, but I don’t know how yet. I’m really interested to see where this storyline goes. So glad made Steve made it out without getting really hurt. It could have been so much for him. I mean he could have died. I’m interested to see what happens with Cath coming back, and the mission ahead with the help of Junior and Danny.

Losing Joe White is a huge lose for Steve. Why? Well, if you know Steve’s history then you know that has happened to him. Losing his father and his mother so called “disappearance” and pretending to be dead for many years. Steve is no stranger to grief, anger, emotions, and lose. He knew what it was like to lay a parent to rest before they need to. No one deserves that.

When Steve entered the Navy he felt he was carrying on his family traditions. When Steve entered the Navy, he first worked in Intelligence, working on secret operations, and had top of the line security clearance. A few years later, Steve entered the SEAL Teams. During buds training, Joe White was Steve’s trainer and commanding officer.

Over the years Joe has guided Steve. He may not have been truthful about somethings like his mother being “Shelburne.” After that Steve didn’t really trust him anymore because he knew Joe has lied to him over the years. Steve knew Joe had over secrets that he would never tell, and this bothered Steve, because he felt like something made was going to happen to someone in his ohana.

With that being said, Steve has also lost many other SEAL buddies and such too. It seems to be loss follows Steve wherever he goes. Left and right someone Steve loves is perishing. The poor guy can’t catch a break ever. All I want is for my man to be happy! 😭

Thinking back, Joe saves Steve life as we learned in season 8 episode 24, back when Steve was still in the Navy on active duty. If it wasn’t for Joe, Steve would have been dead.

However, as mentioned before Joe hasn’t always been the most honest person. As we know he lied about Steve’s mother. Good example season 2 finale. Seeing Steve so upset at Joe was epic. Plus we must give credit to Alex for playing those scenes so perfectly. No one can play Steve McGarrett like Alex O’Loughlin can. No can do the emotional no word scenes like Alex can. He is a one of a kind actor.

Joe was also the reason Steve for Danny out of jail in South America in season 5 episode 18. Steve knew losing Danny wasn’t option for him. He knew he had to trust Joe even though he lied to him in the past. Saving his best friend was so important, plus he didn’t want to let Grace down either.

Steve can’t function with Danny. They may argue about everything, but deep down Steve doesn’t love anyone more than he loves Danny. You could say they are almost like a married couple, the way the fight with each other and love on one another. Steve and Danny have something special. 💕 Scott Caan and Alex work so well together both on and off screen and that has made the connection between McGarrett and Danno such a special and unique part to the new Hawaii Five-0 series, and is why fans will continue to tune every #Five0Friday.

To all ends…losing Joe is going to be hard on Steve as we saw from the last scene. I can conclude to be one of the most emotional scenes in the history of the show, or at least the top 10 or 5. However, as I mentioned sometimes Joe wasn’t truthful. That hurt Steve in a lot of ways, and lead to a lot of tensions between them over the years, which caused more pain in some ways for Steve.

All we can hope for is that Steve doesn’t lose anyone else. He’s already lost way to many. Steve needs something good to happen in his life. He needs to be happy and know that another person love him for who he is, and doesn’t have to suffer anymore lose. 💓

Over the years, watching Steve’s character change has been so special. As a Navy SEAL, Steve is supposed to be in control about his emotions, but to see Steve break out of that has been so much fun to see. You can’t just credit the writers for their work, you have to give credit to Alex and the countless hours he puts in to make Steve McGarrett the best character on tv these days!

After the episode aired I posted thoughts on my H50 instagram, may fans had strong reactions to the episode. So many people like myself cried. I think it’s one of the most emotionally powerful episodes ever.


Steve, Steve, Steve.

What an episode. Just heartbreaking to see Steve lose someone he cares about AGAIN. The poor man has lost enough people in the past, now he lost his father figure is his life. It just hurts.

I never new #H50 could make me ball so much. Between 5×7 when Steve is captured and tortured by Wo Fat, when Aunt Deb died in season 6, losing SEAL buddies, Cath leaving, and now losing Joe.

This man has been through it all. That’s why I love Steve’s character so much. I have a personal and emotional connection to who he is as a person.

What an amazing episode. Till 2019, #H50.

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My heart was hurting so much, seeing Steve so upset about what has just went down is the worst way to make the fans wait for the new year. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season takes us, season 9 has been such a blessing so far. Excited to see Grace return in 9×12 and 9×13, and to see some Uncle Steve action.


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