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Thank you Paula for capturing all these beautiful screencaps of Alex as Steve. For me personally Alex looked kind of serene throughout this episode. Though I am not a big fan of the dyed hair, it looked good as well. With some of the clothes he wore and with a less stressful look, he even looked more like Steve from earlier seasons in some of the scenes.

There are so many reviews and opinions around about the show and I really do not feel like saying much about it.

Some small things bothered me and left questions with me about the last scene. I know the woman held onto her son with her right hand and she therefor gave Steve her left hand to shake – Steve’s face and my own thoughts about something like and that that might be seen as a sign of rudeness in her culture came to mind. Something Steve as an officer would know very well. Did it mean anything? Is the show this clever?

And then, why take personal revenge and set yourself up to be potentially killed and definitely captured and incarcerated for life and with that leave your son without a parent to raise him – with both in prison? AND on top of it, put your son in danger and in the hands of strangers and enemies? Sounds kind of dumb to me. And all that to settle a score with somebody who killed a father-in-law you never knew? Really show?

My aim with the first post after the finale, was to have some fun with all the drama that was supposedly created with the last minutes of the season finale. Some took it that way, others did not see it that way, I guess.

To me it was no surprise and hardly any cause for panic. Most probably also because it would not bother me in the least if Alex would decide to quit the show. As long as he wants to be there it is great and if he does not want to be there, also great. It is his life and his career after all!

But let us get real about a cliffhanger like this on a TV show. In most cases it is done to create drama and have fans talk about the show and hopefully have them tune in, in anticipation to see what happens when the new season starts. Is it necessary to do that with a successful show? In my opinion – no.

Okay, so when is it needed? When the writers and producers are not sure if a certain actor will sign contract to return with the next season and they want to give them a good send-off. Was it really needed this time? None of us know, because none of us really know what kind of contracts were signed by the cast.

Another time when something like this is needed, is when a certain actor might need less time on the show and their role will change when the new season starts. We all know how they ended Season 3 in order for Grace Park to get maternity leave for the first half of Season 4

In other words, the writers are dictated to by what contracts the Network sign and with what happens in the personal lives of the actors. They have to write around what is available.

What does it all mean for us as fans and viewers?

If an actor, who is part of the main cast, does not sign a new contract with the Network again, then that character will be written out off the show – whether the producers or writers want it or not. And whether the fans want it or not.

So who might leave?

Any actor who does not want to remain there – most of the time by their own choice or if they can’t agree on the terms of their contract with the Network. In cases where they feel they should earn more. Others might want more screen time, and others less screen time. It is all part of the job negotiations of being an actor. Fans and fellow cast members don’t really influence any of that.

Let’s break it down then according to the plot at the end of Season 9.

  • A woman came to kill Steve and that would make Alex the main target to leave. Will he leave the show? Most probably not. It is a well paying good job, close to home and his family. And unless he already signed some other life changing project to begin with, there is no reason for him to leave.

But that does not mean he is not looking for less screen time or maybe a new role in the production of the show. He said that he really enjoyed directing and he even gave Peter a script as well. In Season 1 already, he said that he would like to be producer one day. And in so many words he said at the Paley that he is tired of acting. For all we know, his wish might be less on screen as Steve and more busy with other parts of the production.

  • Then there is Jorge who play Jerry. In my opinion the only reason anything would happen to Jerry, is if Jorge wants to leave the show. Some fans mention other projects that he is involved with. I personally have not seen any of it, but then again, I do not make an intense study of his career. My personal opinions, is that he won’t be leaving and I don’t see him going anywhere.
  • There is also always the usual debate and speculations around Scott and if he might be leaving. No indication that Scott will leave or that Danny will be written from the show. At the moment and for many seasons (since Season 4) Scott’s contract allows him the best of both worlds. He is a lead actor in a series, but he is also given nearly half the time off on set, in order for him to be in LA to do other passion projects. What actor would want to give up such a dream job?

Sit back and enjoy the ride. This is entertainment – not real life for us!

But every much real life for those who create the entertainment


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If you need a break from reading those Game of Thrones series finale theories (and there are many!), we’ve got a distraction in the form of Quotes of the Week.

As we head into the slightly-less-overwhelming summer TV months, your favorite shows have once again delivered top-notch dialogue, including — but not limited to — a heartbreaking goodbye for Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity, brutal honesty for Killing Eve‘s title character, even more brutal honesty for Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jackson and some artful dodging by NCIS‘ Bishop.

Also featured in this week’s roundup: double doses of Young Sheldon, Lucifer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, plus the series finales of The Big Bang Theory and Veep.

Check out the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments and tell us if we missed any of your faves!

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A teenage girl, maybe 15 or so, buys a .38 handgun from a junkie. Also present at the sale is an old friend of Junior’s, who clearly feels uncomfortable – you’d think, wouldn’t you? – and tells the Five-0, who are immediately on alert for someone to be killed. And, sure enough, the next day one Michael Carrigan is found dead, having been shot with a .38.

As the Five-0 try to find the girl, then the motive, then solve the case, the present-day action is interspersed with flashbacks to other crimes: Steve’s father and Duke being shot in 1983; a holdup in a convenience store in 2010, the day before Danny started with the Five-0; and an incident in 2015 which finally persuaded Tani that she needed to disentangle herself from her criminal associates. The same gun, of course, was involved in all of these incidents – and quite a few others, it’s a “community gun”, a phrase which is new to me – and once the Five-0 finally have their hands on it they can start to solve quite a few cold cases.

It’s a smart, fast-moving episode. It would be easy to think that the Five-0 writers’ room can turn out episodes like this between slices of pizza, but I rather suspect that would understate the craft and industry involved.


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NBC’s The Blacklist wrapped Season 6 on Friday with 4.45 million total viewers and a 0.6 rating, hitting a season high in audience while holding onto its Friday high in the demo.

As such, Blacklist and Dateline (4 mil/0.6) tied for the Friday demo win.

TVLine readers gave the Blacklist finale an average grade of “A-“; read post mortem.

Over on CBS, Hawaii Five-0 (5 mil/0.5; TVLine reader grade “B+”) ended Season 9 on low notes, airing an hour later and randomly leading out, as it did, of two “news” specials that averaged 4.2 mil/0.5.

Elsewhere, ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2.2 mil/0.4) was steady…. The CW’s Dynasty (957K/0.2) is currently up (due to preemptions, anyone know?).

Want scoop on any of the above shows? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line.

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If you have not seen last night’s H50Season 9 finale yet and don’t want to be spoiled with what happened, you should probably stop reading now …..

These screencaps are just to illustrate a bit of the story, and Paula will do a post with better quality pictures at a later stage.

Producer Peter Lenkov promised a surprising awful cliffhanger to the season – and for some it might be just that!

What happened:

A woman pointed a gun at Steve who is walking away from her. Jerry is walking in towards Steve and he can see the woman behind Steve.

Jerry screams “Gun!”. It fades to black with the shot fired and you can hear Danny who is behind her saying, “Oh my god!”

My crazy observation from the epsiode:

Steve on his first job in Hawaii was wearing the lighter grey cargos and now Steve doing his last job in Hawaii, once again after many seasons wearing lighter grey cargos? We know it was not the exact same pair, because there are some differences to it, but did they want to be poetic about it all and have Steve McGarrett say goodbye in a similar pair of pants??

Seven weeks left until they start shooting Hawaii Five-0 Season 10, and for us to see who will be back on set for that. But I am kind of sure we will get some indication of what will happen even before then. Will Alex leave the show or not? And if he stays, in what capacity?

We will keep you updated with any news about the matter.


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