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We start with a bank robbery which is like a cold shower for the brain: guys with guns lift over $2m, then drive off and evade the chasing cops, right up to the point where their armoured van needs to crash through a police car barricade to get away. It could be argued that soundtracking it with Black Sabbath’s incomparable ‘Paranoid’ made it all look unbelievably glamorous and exciting, but I’m not here from the morality police, ma’am; I’m just a viewer.

The Five-0 is called in to investigate, and Junior discovers that one of the perps is Troy, the husband of his ex-girlfriend Layla, who we last saw a season or so ago. For some reason I can’t quite figure out Junior still seems to feel enormously protective of Layla – yeah, he went overseas leaving her on her own, but she found someone else, so not really your problem any more Joons – and he does his best to look into Troy without tipping off Steve and the rest of the Five-0. Tani’s in the loop, though, because the best way of showing interest in someone is to be visibly hung up on your ex. I mean, Tani’s even cancelled her 5pm mermaid class to be part of this case.

And it all ends with a nice bit of symbolism, when Junior gets to shoot Troy; this, incidentally, being the second time in a matter of weeks that someone gets to take down their romantic rival. Junior at least has to try to seem upset, although frankly if he’s not picked up on how pissed Tani looks he’s perhaps not the right guy for her.

It’s a terrific episode. I’ve said this a few times before about H50, but it’s a point worth making again: TV is so good these days that even a pile-‘em-high procedural like this has episodes which are better than pretty much anything you could have seen in the first sixty years or so of the medium’s existence. This episode has several points of view, multiple timelines, an opening sequence of movie quality, a smart plot, and a real emotional punch. Not bad for forty minutes of prime-time drama. Alex O’Loughlin directs with panache.


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