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What’s new pussycat whoa
What’s new pussycat whoa oh oh
Pussycat, pussycat, you’re so thrilling
And I’m so willing to care for you

I loved the scenes with Steve and Mr. Pickles. Again, Steve was the only one who cared. I hope he keeps him until Weed-Guy can take over. We all know that Eddie can do no harm.

Enjoy, but you might discover that I was tremendously pi//ed after this episode.



He was indeed promised a pussy.


Making mental notes of what D is opposed to:
-The Beach
-Decent Behavior


Contemplates what happened. Came back to his house yesterday after leaving for 37 seconds.
Eddie *running to him, wagging his tail, jumping up and down*: “OMG you’re back. Yes. Yes. I’m so happy, so so happy. You’re back. You’re back. I love you!”
Mr. Pickles *barely looking, wrinkling his nose*: “So so, where have we been?”
Nobody: “I crashed your flower pots.”




*whispers* “Your finger is shining because I lick-deleted the trident.”


If he hears the word ‘pound’ one more time he’ll pound some face.


Smells like cat haters in his office.


He’s getting himself into a pretty pickle.


Cat-like. FIGURing it all out.




No need to look. Steve always knew that Schroedinger’s cat is alive.


I was profoundly appalled by the behavior of Steve’s team concerning Mr. Pickles. Junior is forgiven because he is living with Steve and Eddie (he is still, or not?) but the rest? Everybody had lame and stupid excuses, nobody wanted to take him for a few weeks? Jerks. Especially one person’s behavior was so full of assholery, it made me furious. Not just the ‘pound’ comments that sounded like he meant it and not at all funny, but telling a random person he doesn’t know “Come here and you’ll get the cat”? Really??? It’s a living being not a thing, you you…. Arrgh. I was so angry. What a… well, I’ll stop because my not ladylike feelings I had after watching are rising again. Let’s just say I wanted to kick his behind to the next pound, get all the pelt-noses out, put him there instead and lose the key.

Instead let us focus on the fact that Steve was the smart one around the very occupied magic table.

And I wish that the cat figurines are worth a zillion dollars! I cheered as Steve was keeping them all to himself. YEAH!

Hoping now for at least a few mentions in the next episode that Steve kept Mr. Pickles for the time necessary.

Meow and Woof.

I never agreed more with you on one member of the team. I was shocked and angered beyond words. What an assh… ! I can’t understand how the writers can think this funny. It’s not.

LeiCa, thank you again for a wonderful post. …Sam

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