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The Hallowe’en episode. These can go either way, but this one (co-authored by H50’s writers’ room MVP Zoe Robyn) is pretty good. In the first of two plots, it’s revealed in flashback that, in 1982, Jerry witnessed the aftermath of a murder while at summer camp. No-one believes him, then or now, so he revisits the scene with his fellow campers (including Chloe O’Brian from 24) in order to dig for evidence. There’s a big old spooky house, a thunderstorm, a mysterious recluse, and lots of good dumb fun.

The second plot is a highly effective chiller: Katie, the young daughter of a suburban couple, appears to have predicted, in a drawing, the murder of a woman in her 20s. Katie ascribes the drawing to her imaginary friend Molly. Except Molly isn’t so imaginary. And Tani has it confirmed that the gun she found in Adam’s house was used to shoot Noriko, his sister. This, of course, makes it even more likely that, in due course, we will be presented with “proof” that it wasn’t Adam who pulled the trigger, and the Yakuza’s main man will walk yet again.


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