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A truck driver being chased by the HPD dumps his load of black market sand (it’s a thing) on the road to block the police. However, the body of a man is found in the sand. It looks as if the man was murdered, and then his body was scooped up when the sand was dredged from the ocean. But his feet were detached in the process, and this becomes crucial to identification. “Just so I’m clear”, sniffs Danny, “we’re talking about finding a pair of feet at the bottom of the ocean”? Indeed so, and Steve and Danny set off in a boat with a “foot detector” (Danny again). Feet are found attached to a weight, but they plainly belong to a woman rather than to the deceased, meaning that there are two victims. This plot then develops in an even more unexpected way.

Meantime, somewhat inexplicably, Junior and Jerry are escorting the coffin of a dead soldier, Christopher Kaliko, from an airbase in Delaware back to Oahu, the place of his birth. I say “inexplicably” because Junior didn’t know the soldier and has no idea why he requested that Junior escort his coffin in the event of his death; and Jerry’s involvement is, at least at first, handwaved as being something to do with his desire to pay his respects to a dead friend. And so, for most of the episode, this just looks like another chapter in H50’s ongoing fetishisation of the American armed forces. But Junior finds our why Kaliko asked that he escort his coffin, and Jerry provides further details of why he wanted to help out. It becomes quite moving (in a militaristic sort of way). There’s a further plot involving Duke, looking to be reinstated to HPD after that unfortunate business with the evidence vault and the Taser, but it’s a little bit superfluous in an otherwise satisfying episode. Danny’s ex mother-in-law, an author, also gets a mention, presumably as part of the build-up towards the spectacular piece of stunt-casting which is coming our way in due course.


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