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There’s a heatwave on Oahu, and quite a lot going on. A woman under arrest for assault is being transported in a police car. She’s close to fainting because of the temperature, but when let out of the car for some fresh air she shoots her police escorts with startling efficiency. This surprises everyone, because she’d never been in trouble before; but some rudimentary investigation confirms that she’s been using a false identity, for reasons not unconnected to the bag stuffed with stolen cash money she’s trying to recover.

Tani and Junior respond to a call about a home invasion, which turns out to be half-a-dozen kids seeking refuge from the heat in a swimming pool. Then their car is stolen. Jerry is present when, at a convenience store, a desperate shopper tries to steal the last two bags of ice from a fellow customer. This, it turns out, is to help his pregnant wife. On the subject of thieves, Kamekona puts up prices at his shaved ice stand in order to maximise profits. And Grover, despite the heat, insists on playing a round of golf, to the point where his caddy actually collapses. I’m not sure I found this as funny as the show would have liked me to.

It’s the sort of mini-stories episode that 9-1-1 does so well. TV Tapas, if you will. However, there’s very little inspiration on show here. I quite liked Tani and Junior, in their car, channelling Steve and Danny, but that apart this was an episode to forget.


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