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Jack Teague, regular guy, is on a plane to Hawaii with his family. But there’s an armed hijacker on board, who sedates regular guy Jack, blows a hole in the plane, then parachutes out taking regular guy Jack with him. Well, even if you’d never seen a moment of H50 before this, you’d probably have concluded that Jack isn’t so regular; and so it proves when the hijacker is found, very dead, in the jungle. And when Lou digs up footage of Agent Miller, Greer’s partner from last week, apparently waiting at the airport for Jack’s plane to land, it all suggests a link to China. Yes, Jack is a Chinese spy. Except that it isn’t quite so simple.

Meantime, Tani has embarked on the latest doomed attempt to prove that Adam Noshimuri is a baddie, by asking her old HPD instructor – the one she punched out, resulting in her dismissal from the Academy – to run tests on the gun she found in Adam’s house. He eventually agrees. My bet: it’ll be confirmed as the same gun that fired the bullets which killed Adam’s sister, but he’ll wriggle out again. Eddie the Dog has dug up the money Steve buried in his garden. Of course he has. Danny, unsurprisingly, is scathing: the Back Garden Bank is, he seethes at Steve, the “stupidest, most ignorant, dumbest idea you ever had in the nine years I’ve known you. Dumbest. Dumbdumbdumbdumbdumbdumbdumbdumbdumb”.

By the end of the episode Agent Miller has been REDACTED by the Chinese. Agent Greer – on the run from last week – has been captured, which is better news. But as Steve hands her over to the CIA she reminds him that something – apart from them sleeping together – happened in Marrakesh, and it’s the sort of something you probably don’t want a Chinese mole to be holding over you. I thought this was great. It’s also worth observing that the dialogue, last week and this, has had a welcome wit and lightness of touch.


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