(new) Hawaii Five-0 on CBS

Sky Living’s all-American all-procedurals Sunday line-up is back in place as of tomorrow, with perennial Unpopcult favourite Hawaii Five-0 (9pm) joined by MacGyver (8pm) and NCIS: LA (10pm). I can’t comment on the other two, but H50 showed the strength of the format and its leads by surviving, quite comfortably, the loss of Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim. Weekly reviews as usual.

And a word about The Undiscovered… Sky Arts’s Victor Lewis-Smith-produced short season of documentaries about British comedy actors Kenneth Williams, Peter Sellers, and Tony Hancock. All are available on catch-up until mid-January and something close to unmissable, marrying diligent research and crisp social commentary. The real shame is that they were tucked away on Sky Arts: any public service broadcaster worth its licence fee would be chucking shitloads of money at Lewis-Smith, a sui generis talent, and inviting him to make whatever the hell he wants.


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