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If your a fan of Hawaii Five-0, then you about the relationship between Catherine Rollins and the main character Steve McGarrett. You know that they were in the Navy together, and the their relationship grew outside of the Navy as well. Both had been stationed and were living in Hawaii. Once Steve decided to leave the SEALS and start Five-0, Catherine was still in the Navy, and Steve used her recourses to help out Five-0 when they needed help. However their relationship is more than just the Navy.

These two wonderful edits were made by a very talented fan! I need to find out who again so I give them proper credit, but I love them. Between the two of them, Steve and Cath has earned some of the highest military awards the Navy gives out. That’s a part due to who they are as people, but also military officers.

Steve and Catherine’s love story is a special one. This goes back to my last H50 post about the death of Joe White and how that impacted Steve. One of the many things Joe did for Steve was to tell him to ask Catherine out, Joe knew how much Steve liked Catherine. Their story has only gone from there. Besides Danny, Catherine has been there for Steve whenever he was in need of someone. Now the Joe is dead, I’m SO glad Catherine is going to be there to help Steve, Danny, and Junior hunt down the killers, and in the process capture Greer again, who pulled an old Wo Fat trick in the last episode.

Both Cath and Steve have faced life threatening missions and more often then not they did them together. As heartbreaking as it was to see Cath leave Steve, she was doing the right thing at the time, and I know many fans would say other wise but there is always two ways to look at things. I truly belief deep down Catherine still loves Steve, and I hope in the end they can be together because they are meant for one another.

I can think so many major milestones/events Catherine and Steve have been together for just to name a few: Cath leaving the Navy, Steve and Danno getting stuck under that building in season four–episode 19. One of the most emotional ones of the series. I just rewatched it before writing this blog.

Another memory of these two I have was in season 4 when Steve went to visit his fathers grave and Cath was there with him. Losing his father was hard on Steve, and Cath was there to support him. But also the ordeal with Steve’s mother. Steve finding out she was alive, he was angry for a long time, and asking Cath to fin out the real story. Steve knew this was his mother, but that was never gonna stop Steve from doing what was right because it was his job.

In season four, when Billy was killed seeing Cath that worked up was something so different then we had ever seem out of her character throughout the entire series. But Steve was there to comfort her. Seeing Steve so worried at the hospital after Cath getting shot was one of my favorite moments between the two of them. Such a special memory of how much they truly love each other.


This edit was made by a dear friend of mine Kayla. She is the master at these. One of my favorites. Such a representation of who Steve and Catherine really are. Nothing makes me happier as a fan of the show than this.

No matter how heated the debates get about these truly “loving” each other it won’t stop me from loving them and being a fan of them. In my mind this how the story should go, Steve and Catherine together. We knew from the beginning they loved each other and now nine seasons later we know they love each other still now, no matter what any other fan may tell you.


Recently, I have picked up editing as a hobby. I have been starting to make more edits of these two like the one down below. Even in the photos they are just adorable together.


THIS is so the reason why Catherine and Steve are one if not the most unique tv ship on tv. Even if someone is in harms way, they will always be there for one another to make sure the other is safe, and gets home okay. This is the what true love looks like, and I can’t get enough of it.


How iconic and special is this moment? I just the way they are standing next to each other. I mean look how strong Steve’s arms are! Just two cute for words to even describe. IMG_1113.JPG

Remember this moment from last season? One of my favorite shots. Having Catherine back for an episode is such a treat, and to get photos like this on top if it, how amazing is that?! In my book extra super amazing!! I hope her return in season 9 starts sometime new between Steve and Catherine and maybe something the fans aren’t excepting like Cath is gonna stay in town, and the love strong between these two can continue to grow and change.

This photo and quote are a perfect explain to who these two people are. The way they look at each other….don’t get me on that train or else things will go in a totally different direction.

I hope you enjoyed coming down memory lane with me about these two special souls that are Lt. Catherine Rollins and Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett. I hope this reminds you who they are as people, and why so many of us love them so dearly. But it’s also a good reminder to how far they have come, and continue to go and change over the years. Their story together is far from over, they have a lot left. Which gives me so much hope for the future and beyond. This journey we are on with them could take a totally different turn in the matter of seconds. I hope that means marriage in the future. We will see.

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