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Hey guys! How are we??!!! I hope good!! Anyways this another Five-0 blog. Grab the tissues cause you may need them! Just a little warning for ya!

Seeing my man McGarrett just hurts this fangirls heart so very much. No one ever likes to see someone they care about hurt like that. I truly believe this is a master plan of Greer’s to get back at Steve. Remember in 9×2, when Steve and Greer were talking about the “secret” from years ago, I think that is going to a pay a part into this, but I don’t know how yet. I’m really interested to see where this storyline goes. So glad made Steve made it out without getting really hurt. It could have been so much for him. I mean he could have died. I’m interested to see what happens with Cath coming back, and the mission ahead with the help of Junior and Danny.

Losing Joe White is a huge lose for Steve. Why? Well, if you know Steve’s history then you know that has happened to him. Losing his father and his mother so called “disappearance” and pretending to be dead for many years. Steve is no stranger to grief, anger, emotions, and lose. He knew what it was like to lay a parent to rest before they need to. No one deserves that.

When Steve entered the Navy he felt he was carrying on his family traditions. When Steve entered the Navy, he first worked in Intelligence, working on secret operations, and had top of the line security clearance. A few years later, Steve entered the SEAL Teams. During buds training, Joe White was Steve’s trainer and commanding officer.

Over the years Joe has guided Steve. He may not have been truthful about somethings like his mother being “Shelburne.” After that Steve didn’t really trust him anymore because he knew Joe has lied to him over the years. Steve knew Joe had over secrets that he would never tell, and this bothered Steve, because he felt like something made was going to happen to someone in his ohana.

With that being said, Steve has also lost many other SEAL buddies and such too. It seems to be loss follows Steve wherever he goes. Left and right someone Steve loves is perishing. The poor guy can’t catch a break ever. All I want is for my man to be happy! 😭

Thinking back, Joe saves Steve life as we learned in season 8 episode 24, back when Steve was still in the Navy on active duty. If it wasn’t for Joe, Steve would have been dead.

However, as mentioned before Joe hasn’t always been the most honest person. As we know he lied about Steve’s mother. Good example season 2 finale. Seeing Steve so upset at Joe was epic. Plus we must give credit to Alex for playing those scenes so perfectly. No one can play Steve McGarrett like Alex O’Loughlin can. No can do the emotional no word scenes like Alex can. He is a one of a kind actor.

Joe was also the reason Steve for Danny out of jail in South America in season 5 episode 18. Steve knew losing Danny wasn’t option for him. He knew he had to trust Joe even though he lied to him in the past. Saving his best friend was so important, plus he didn’t want to let Grace down either.

Steve can’t function with Danny. They may argue about everything, but deep down Steve doesn’t love anyone more than he loves Danny. You could say they are almost like a married couple, the way the fight with each other and love on one another. Steve and Danny have something special. 💕 Scott Caan and Alex work so well together both on and off screen and that has made the connection between McGarrett and Danno such a special and unique part to the new Hawaii Five-0 series, and is why fans will continue to tune every #Five0Friday.

To all ends…losing Joe is going to be hard on Steve as we saw from the last scene. I can conclude to be one of the most emotional scenes in the history of the show, or at least the top 10 or 5. However, as I mentioned sometimes Joe wasn’t truthful. That hurt Steve in a lot of ways, and lead to a lot of tensions between them over the years, which caused more pain in some ways for Steve.

All we can hope for is that Steve doesn’t lose anyone else. He’s already lost way to many. Steve needs something good to happen in his life. He needs to be happy and know that another person love him for who he is, and doesn’t have to suffer anymore lose. 💓

Over the years, watching Steve’s character change has been so special. As a Navy SEAL, Steve is supposed to be in control about his emotions, but to see Steve break out of that has been so much fun to see. You can’t just credit the writers for their work, you have to give credit to Alex and the countless hours he puts in to make Steve McGarrett the best character on tv these days!

After the episode aired I posted thoughts on my H50 instagram, may fans had strong reactions to the episode. So many people like myself cried. I think it’s one of the most emotionally powerful episodes ever.


Steve, Steve, Steve.

What an episode. Just heartbreaking to see Steve lose someone he cares about AGAIN. The poor man has lost enough people in the past, now he lost his father figure is his life. It just hurts.

I never new #H50 could make me ball so much. Between 5×7 when Steve is captured and tortured by Wo Fat, when Aunt Deb died in season 6, losing SEAL buddies, Cath leaving, and now losing Joe.

This man has been through it all. That’s why I love Steve’s character so much. I have a personal and emotional connection to who he is as a person.

What an amazing episode. Till 2019, #H50.

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My heart was hurting so much, seeing Steve so upset about what has just went down is the worst way to make the fans wait for the new year. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season takes us, season 9 has been such a blessing so far. Excited to see Grace return in 9×12 and 9×13, and to see some Uncle Steve action.


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