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9.03 – Mimiki ke kai, ahuwale ka papa leho

Crime spikes when a heat wave hits Oahu, causing McGarrett and Danny to hunt down a bank thief, and Tani and Junior’s car is stolen while they’re on duty. Also, Grover plays the golf game of a lifetime, and Kamekona incites a riot by price-gouging on his shave ice, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 12 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Mimiki ke kai, ahuwale ka papa leho to When the Sea Draws Out the Tidal Wave, the Rocks Where the Cowries Hide Are Exposed

To be honest, this was an episode I’d rather forget. And I surely will not waste my time with a full review.

I am sorry to say, but this was one of the worst episodes ever. It was ridiculous from start to finish. In my eyes beneath anything Five-0 has delivered so far.

You know, we had an unusual hot summer here, with temperatures around 100° for weeks, without any rain or cooling wind. But I didn’t see any of my coworkers sitting around in the buff at their desks. And we generally don’t have ACs. That was one of the most stupid scenes ever.

I also didn’t see any totally frustrated and miffed people because of the hot weather. There was no aggressiveness behind the wheels, or anywhere for that matter. It was hot. So what?! People get all bend out of shape because of it? I do understand that the elderly, sick people and children have trouble handling long periods of heat. But professionals going crazy after a couple of days of high temperature? Give me a break.

And all this blablablabla at the restaurant? Shoot me now.

Really, enough said about this absolutely boring and stupid episode.

And remember, if you liked it, good for you.

I will never watch that episode again, that’s for certain. Not even to crab a couple of screenshots. Although I did hear some very interesting reactions to the episode, which were actually the highlights of it. 😉

Let’s just hope this was the fail for this season and happily move on to number 9.04 😊


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