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“Ke kanaka i ha’ule mai ka lewa mai” – When a vacationing dad on a flight to Honolulu is kidnapped and force to parachute mid-flight, Danny, Tani and Junior track him through the jungle to discover that he may not be who he seems. Also, McGarrett is threatened with a secret from his past, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Oct. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ke kanaka i ha’ule mai ka lewa mai to The Man Who Fell from the Sky

Despite the best intentions, sometimes life just gets in the way. So, here is a quick review for the second episode.

I am sure LeiCa will spoil us with great pictures soon. 😉

Enjoy Cokie’s fun review. And remember, don’t take it too seriously.

We have a plane heading to Oahu and when the pilot says they are 10 minutes away, a man decides he needs to go to the restroom. On the flights I have been on, that is the “time to buckle your seatbelt” and not “I waited the entire flight to go to the bathroom now”. But… he goes to the little boys room. Now, what was the parachutist going to do if the man didn’t want to go to potty? He didn’t have much time left for Plan B. And next question, the parachutist blew open the door. Even though they were getting ready to land and the altitude was low, wouldn’t things like, oh, maybe PEOPLE be sucked out of the plane?

(Ehm, not so sure about that. As far as I know, the pressure in the plain resembles an altitude of about 3000 meters. So, there wouldn’t have been a big difference to the outside of the plane, hence no sucking out of people. Please, anyone in the know, correct this if it’s wrong.)

After this, we see flying, floating and soggy money. I called it last week. (ROFL, I guess everyone called it last week!)

Eddie just couldn’t wait to dig up all that neat stuff they buried just for him! Junior and Danny were retrieving money and when Steve arrived, Danny started with the “everything in the universe is your fault” speech. Steve countered with “you didn’t show up to help” which only proves that this restaurant idea still is a bad, bad idea. (AMEN!)

Tani goes to visit her former instructor at the Academy… the one she apparently punched in the face. She sees a class of recruits who need a LOT of help in not contaminating a crime scene. That was scary. She tells the guy she needs help and he is the only person she can trust. I’m sorry… she is a part of a team that for some reason trusts her… maybe she could return the favor. Given all the times Steve has overlooked being double crossed, he always finds the good in people. But no, she can’t trust him to be adult in this situation and listen and do what is right. Why would this ruin her relationship with the team? In some instances, I like Tani. This is one where she should actually be fired. Just my opinion… (Nope, mine too. Told, well actually yelled, she should be fired!)

Keo told Tani no. He doesn’t like rule breakers and he wants to go by the book. So, she leaves. But we all know this isn’t the end of this storyline… at the end of the episode, he shows up at her house and agrees to help her. My thinking is he should have told her to go to her boss. (Absolutely!)

Steve stays behind at HQ and sends Danny, Tani and Junior into the jungle. Apparently by jumping out of a chopper. (Really? I guess I totally missed that.)

I can’t believe Danny agreed to do so. In the jungle, Junior lost all SEAL training and couldn’t figure out how Teague crossed the river so Danny had to step up and explain it all to him. I’m sorry but I was just shaking my head in disbelief. Steve stayed behind so that Danny could dispense words of wisdom to the new recruits. Because… when he is at a crime scene, they look to him for guidance. Hmm… isn’t that how it should be? (That was so ridiculous. Danny could maybe teach them some detective stuff at a crime scene, but tracking in the junge? Give me a break!)

Why was Steve driving Renee’s van? Where was his truck? Grover’s was in the shop. Why was Grover shotgun in his wife’s car? How did they not see the writing on the wall? The minute I saw Steve behind the wheel, I said goodbye to that car. (LOL, yep.)

Not that he isn’t a good driver – he is. He knows what he is doing and knows what the situation is at all times. Which is why he intentionally wrecked the car. If I were Grover, Steve would be the one explaining to Renee where the car was.

I did like the scene where Grover was at Miller’s door making small talk while Steve came in the balcony. I hope he didn’t have to climb too high up those balcony rails. Wonder if there is a missing scene there?

Greer is captured and after everything is over, Steve escorts her to a waiting chopper to be removed from the island. She has her parting shot which is a threat to expose something she and Steve had done in Morocco years ago. So, I guess we will be hearing from her (or her threats) in the future. I can’t decide if Steve looked worried or it was a look that was “glad you are gone”. Bet he was rethinking THAT liaison all those years ago. (My reaction to that scene: Damn, that man is attractive!)

It was a decent episode. Maybe three or three plus stars. Or Eddie woofs. Poor Eddie. Danny was treating him like a dog. He was just doing what comes natural.

Agree with you. It was an enjoyable episode… to a point. 😊


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