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Steve and Junior are hanging at home, when the doorbell goes. Junior answers it, then disappears. Kidnapped? From his own doorstep?! Actually, and even less plausibly, he’s been recalled by the Navy SEALs for a mission which is so incredibly urgent he couldn’t be spared ten seconds or so to say goodbye.

But there’s no time to ponder that, because Junior is being deployed to Nigeria to capture or kill a high value target. Who might or might not be holding Joe White as a hostage. Well, as soon as Steve hears that he insists on tagging along, which allows the show to fully indulge its military fetish, with everything from camouflage face paint to arcane jargon (“Center peel!”) and hand signals. It’s a complete suicide mission, of course, for anyone except the Big Kahuna, who fills in any available spare time by flashing back to a time when Joe rescued him from certain death.

And the other plot is just as good, in its own way. Gerard Hirsch (Willie Garson, forever Mozzie from White Collar) is cleaning a house after a murder, when he spots two artworks on the wall which he thinks were looted by Nazis during World War Two; and, as the victim’s husband’s grandfather was a German émigré, it all kind of fits. A magnificently grumpy Grover tries to keep Hirsch and Kamekona away from the case, sarcastically proposing to them that they should become police officers, while he and Tani serve prawns and clean crime scenes. (Cue quick dream sequence, in which Kame and Hirsch are in uniform taking part in a shootout.)

But Hirsch is determined to help. Could, he is asked, the paintings be fakes? “I was a master forger in a previous life”, he replies drolly, stopping just short of winking at the camera. (But provoking a squeal of glee in at least one viewer, who loves his meta and his White Collar.) He will in due course answer that question and solve the murder, just about walking off with the episode in doing so. I loved every single moment of this, so credit where due: the story was by Alex O’Loughlin; and the teleplay, of course, was by Zoe Robyn, who never lets the Five-0 viewers down.


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