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Hello – hello my little faces and have a lovely Sunday. The hiatus from Hell ( ’cause it’s Summer Time ) it’s here and I’ll do my catch up on the shows that I’m behind. Not sure what I will write, probably some episode will be really shocking… If not, my job will be very easy… Anyway. Let’s see what I watched this week.

Cloak and Dagger ( 1×01 & 1×02 ) ** new series **
Ok, truth be told, I wasn’t sure if I will start watching this series. But, I decided to watch the first two episodes that aired last week and I would see how it would goes. Let me tell you that it’s better than I thought. Ok, it is only on the begging but I have a feeling that it will be a really nice show. I like that the two main characters met as kids at first and now, as teens, have to figure out what’s going on between them. I also like when they can “see” the visions and that it’s not the typical story of the rich white girl and the unprivileged black guy. I look forward to watching the next episode. I hope that the series will keep being better and better by episode. Fingers crossed people… fingers crossed.

The Bold Type ( 2×01 & 2×02 )
My favourite tv girls are back!! It was a nice two hours premiere. And as always, so many real-life problems were the centre of the two episodes. Can’t wait to see what the future episodes will bring to them. ( Time for a little shade now )… I hope that Freeform will not cancel this amazing show as well as they did with Shadowhunters.

Hawaii five-o ( season 8 )
I finally finished the marathon!! It was an awesome season ( as all of them ), we had the opportunity to see Catherine again ( I ship her with Steve so much ), even if it was only in one episode… The new guys, Tani Rey ( Meaghan Rath ) and Junior Reigns ( Beulah Koale ) are really good. I miss Kono and Chin, of course, bad it wasn’t as bad that I thought that it will be. My crush on Adam Noshimuri ( Ian Antony Dale ) grows every day even more and I can’t wait to see on the next season what they have in store for us on his story. You see, we left the show the moment that Tani told Junior that she found a gun in Adam’s house and they believe that he killed Noriko, his half-sister.

12 monkeys ( 4×01, 4×02 & 4×03 )
I’m not behind… I haven’t left episodes and doing a catch-up… The season just has begun! A four-week event airing episodes like that is one of the reasons that I adore this show. ( Unfortunately, it’s its last season. ) Olivia being a bitch as always and Jennifer her beautiful crazy self. Katarina, in order to save everyone, does one last time travel to the future, leaving Deacon unfortunately behind. The thing is that they didn’t go to the future after all but 3 years ago, a few hours before James’ first trip to the past ( I mean, all the feels ). We saw Ramse again though ( I hate this guy ) but at least back then he was still on our side. Cassie decides to go back to 1971 and kill Olivia while she was still young, but her plan goes to Hell when she finds out that she was pregnant and actually, she never was a victim. Jennifer finds the future James Cole and he tells her when and how she can find “her” Cole. Together, they find the puzzle that she was looking for and Cole is the only one that can solve it. Now, he has a plan to stop this loop that they are trapped in. He only has to go back to Cassie and together, save the world from the Army of the 12 monkeys.

I also watched: Hawaii five-0 ( 25 episodes ), Fear the walking dead ( 4×07 & 4×08 ), The Originals ( 5×06 & 5×07 ), Supergirl ( 3×22 ), The 100 ( 5×06 ), Westworld ( 1×01 ).

Tell me what episodes you watched this week. Which episode liked the most and which not? Did you start watching something new this week? Comment below or on my facebook page. Until next time…

xx Marilita.


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