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Boston wiseguy Tommy Boyle is murdered in his house, which is witnessed by his acupuncturist – who is then killed herself – and her daughter Cammy, who escapes and goes on the run. When Steve and Danny head over to Cammy’s apartment they’re met, to their considerable surprise, by Junior; he is, he says, an old friend, although at least to start with he’s curiously reluctant to discuss that friendship in front of Tani. The suspect pool includes Boyle’s son and a retired German banker, caught on camera having a meeting on the day of Daddy Boyle’s funeral. It’s thinly plotted, but some of Danny’s dialogue is quite funny. As is the scene in which Danny and Steve try to get information out of elderly mobster Jin Leung, as a result of which Danny is required to throw a kung fu fight against Leung’s son, but incredibly resistant to the idea.


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