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A long-term resident of a psychiatric hospital is found murdered, and staff are being reticent. So Jerry goes undercover at the hospital as an orderly – it was presumably a judgment call to soundtrack the cold open with Patsy Cline’s version of ‘Crazy’ – in order to make discreet enquiries with both staff and patients.

Meantime Duke – the straightest straight arrow in the HPD – suddenly breaks bad, Tasing a fellow cop and stealing a key from the evidence vault. Say it ain’t so, Dook? Well, of course there’s a reason: his granddaughter has been abducted by masked men, and they’ve promised to kill her unless etc. etc. He uses the key to open a locker, which has a bag containing around $1m in cash money, but before he can pass it to the abductors he’s robbed by someone else.

Two potentially good plots; unfortunately, neither rises above the stolid. Meantime Tani’s idiot brother Koa has completed rehab and decided to work as a counsellor; and Adam is, presumably, still in the wind.


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