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Hello – hello my little faces and have a lovely Sunday. The hiatus from Hell ( ’cause it’s Summer Time ) it’s here and I’ll do my catch up on the shows that I’m behind. Not sure what I will write, probably some episode will be really shocking… If not, my job will be very easy… Anyway. Let’s see what I watched this week.

Supergirl ( 3×21 )
Ok, that was a really good episode. Kara with Mon-El and Lena finally cured Sam. Kara decided to go back to her mother and the other Kryptonians and she asked from Mon-El to go with her in order to contact with the League and they go and get him ( yeah – yeah, sure ). That woman from the council though ( you know, that bad one ) stole their spaceship and went to Earth. Mon-El told the truth to Kara, about what – sorry -, about who came back and she told him about her dream at the begging of the season. When she keep dreaming about him being with her at Krypton and that he now was there ( my poor #Karamel feels ). They almost kissed before everything went into Hell. J’onn took a really important decision about D.E.O though. He said to his agents that from now on they will use only non-lethal guns. Something that it wasn’t acceptable by everyone… ( I’m so with you man!! ) “We are agents of peace.” He said and I felt more than proud.

Hawaii five-0 ( season 6 )
Ok, as you may notice I keep up my marathon with the show and I think I’m doing a pretty good job. I just finished season 6 and I have to say that Gabriel Waincroft ( what a hottie ) was by far my favourite villain. I kinda felt bad about him that they killed him off but he was kinda asking for. Chin tried way too many times to convince him to turn himself in but he didn’t. In other news, Adam ( I love this guy so much ) went to prison for 18 months for killing some Yakuza members and Jerry still didn’t get an H50 badge. I loved the finale when Steve got shot and Danny gave him a piece of his liver and they still arguing even after the end of the episode. I love these two so much. Something that I miss from the show? Definitely Catherine Rollins. She is one of my favourites and I hope that she will come back one day.

Hawaii five-0 ( season 7 )
Another season full of emotional scenes. I have to admit that I freaked out when I saw Cathrine! I was more than happy. She found out that Steve was ready to ask her to marry him before she left ( I will cry – probably – forever ) but after she helped him to save his mother, she left again… even if she told him that she will always care about him ( come on people!! ) My favourites though were definitely when Chin had to go to Mexico in order to save little Sara and the whole team went with him to help him out. Her adopted parents decided to give the custody to Chin and they went back to Hawaii as a real family. Unfortunately, on episode 13 Max left. He had taken the decision to go back to Doctor without borders and his “adopted family” as he called the team threw him a party to say goodbye. ( Me and Lou we definitely cried the most. ) I’m gonna miss him so much. I hope to see him again. FINALLY Jerry got his badge!!! ( It was about time people! ) So, I just finished season 7. I’m gonna miss Chin and Kono but I know that it was a decision that the two actors took. Maybe they will come back for a guest or as regulars again one day…

Sense8 ( finale )
I mean… What I can say about this show..? The finale was perfect. I won’t write anything else than that I’m really happy everyone, but more for Kala and Wolf ( they were my favourites ). I will go cry until the end of my days now. Bye.

I also watched: Hawaii five-0 ( 34 episodes ).

Tell me what episodes you watched this week. Which episode liked the most and which not? Did you start watching something new this week? Comment below or on my facebook page. Until next time…

xx Marilita.


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