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We open with someone skilfully piloting a stunt plane through a kind of slalom course in front of the Oahu beachfront. Anyway, it’s part of a competition, the pilot is Steve, and it’s an in medias res opening. (I assumed it would be Steve undercover, and that he would win anyway, just because he’s Steve. I was wrong both times. Fair enough.)

When we wind back a few hours, an old engineer friend of Steve’s is asking the Five-0 to look into the death of a stunt pilot, Jason Sachs, known as the Shadow Baron, who crashed his plane during practice for a race. The crash is already being investigated by the NTSB, who are about to call it as pilot error, but Steve’s friend thinks there was more to it. The lead NTSB investigator is somewhat high-handed with Steve, who immediately pegs him as a wrong ‘un. As does the viewer, because it’s Carlos Solis out of Desperate Housewives, and you don’t bring Ricardo Chavira into your cast for a minute’s worth of tetchiness.

From then on it’s serviceable H50-by-the-numbers: Sachs’s real name isn’t Sachs; his widow is hiding a secret; Carlos Solis is involved, but isn’t the killer. The question of whether the actual killers could just have, y’know, shot “Sachs” rather than going to all the trouble of tampering with his plane is raised and then allowed to drop, or maybe I didn’t quite understand it. Also: is something brewing between Tani and Junior? Not bad, but definitely nothing special.


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