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Two out-of-towners in a hire car are stopped for no reason by a police officer, who then shoots them both dead. As the victims weren’t African American, though, it’s immediately clear that the incident needs further investigation. In fact – spoiler alert, although it isn’t much of a mystery – the shooter isn’t a real cop, but someone with that multiple personality thing. I suppose that TV’s handling of this has become a little better over the years, but not much; and it still feels to me to be much more common in procedurals than in real life, to the point where I felt that I’d really seen it all before. Dr Alicia, still on H50’s bench, is brought on and provides an assist.

Meantime, Steve’s friends stage an intervention to try and reduce his stress levels. This, explains Danny, is because Steve’s radiation poisoning renders him more likely to get cancer, so he needs to make some changes to mitigate the risk. Those offering guidance include Jerry and Kamekona – am I being ungenerous in saying that these burly gentlemen are likely to have little useful to say about how to lead a healthy lifestyle? (Also there is Trump-supporting idiot Dog the Bounty Hunter, who can still go and eff himself.) Anyway, as part of the intervention Steve is obliged to have a stress evaluator to follow him around for a day. Turns out Steve’s job is stressful. Unfortunately, apart from one top-tier cargument (“Twice a week, and three at the most, and that’s if it’s someone’s birthday or something”) this storyline is too slight to justify the considerable amount of screen time devoted to it.

Directed, incidentally, by Tony Almeida.

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