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The Five-0’s old confidential informant/hacker friend Toast is found dead, in circumstances which suggest that his killers knew him to be a CI. Jerry works out that their system was hacked, but the person they would normally have turned to for help in those circumstances was Toast himself. So who can assist? Well, no-one in the entire official state-funded American crime-fighting apparatus, it seems, because Steve and Grover head over to Halawa Correctional Facility, where the recently-imprisoned Aaron Wright is waiting for them with a big smile. Yeah, sure he’ll help, if he can do it from a nice hotel room.

Not for the first time, you have to think that the one thing the characters on TV police procedurals don’t do is, uh, watch TV police procedurals, because as soon as Wright is moved from a prison to a hotel suite, with full internet access, and only the H50 rookie Tani watching him, we know what’s coming. Before then, though, Wright is able to confirm that someone – wonder who? – has hacked into the whole of the CI database. This means that all of H50’s grasses, snitches, rats, stool pigeons, and copper’s narks – Kamekona, Sang Min, Mozzie from White Collar, the lot – have had their security compromised.

Steps are taken to secure them, but not before Kamekona is abducted by a figure from his shady past: one Joey Kang, with whom Kame used to run. (By “run” I of course mean “commit crimes”.) Well, according to Kang $500,000 went missing from their last job, and he’d like it back, please and thank you. One of Kang’s heavies punches Kame on the head every now and again, and as it’s a fairly sizeable head that means a lot of punching. Eventually he concedes that yes, he took the money; but no, he doesn’t have it any more, because he spent it. (We will eventually find out on what, and it’s a nice touch.)

Meantime, back at the hotel, the inevitable happens when a trio of masked gunmen kick down the door to the suite and take Aaron away. Whereupon Steve belatedly comes to the conclusion that Aaron might not have been on the up-and-up, declaring it to be a “long con”. Yeah, no; his plan was simultaneously completely implausible (in the real world) and totally obvious (in H50 world). But the important thing now is to keep Kamekona alive; which they manage, just about, although by the end there are at least two supervillains still in the wind.

It’s a busy week for Steve on both the crimefighting and team management sides of his job. He provides pastoral care to Tani, who is beating herself up about the hotel incident, in order to reassure her. And, presumably, in the hope of avoiding an official complaint about leaving her on her own to guard a dangerous convict. Meantime new boy Junior is shooting the lights out at the Police Academy, but having difficulty in adapting to post-military life, so he’s going to be living at The McGarrett Home For Waifs and Strays. It’s an excellent episode.

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