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Kono and Chin have been sent upstate to a farm for ex-Five-0, so the show has a chance to refresh itself. The first potential new recruit is Tani Rey (Meaghan Rath), who we first see at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. In a bikini. Business as usual, then.

Tani was, apparently, the best cadet at the police academy, until she was kicked out for bad behaviour. Which doesn’t deter Steve, of course; she’s exactly the sort of rule-breaking bikini-wearer he wants to go undercover on a college campus, trying to track down Mizchief, a hacker who he and Danny suspect of murder. “He spells it with a Z instead of an S”, sniffs Danny. “Like a rapper. Or maybe he’s a moron”. Tani declines their offer, though, preferring to spend time with her Secret Pain and her deadbeat brother.

Perhaps to reassure loyal viewers that things haven’t changed too much, the writers provide a certain amount of fan-service. So when Mizchief hacks into the security system at Halawa Prison, it’s to secure the release of our old psycho-pyro friend Jason Duclair; and when Mizchief is tracked down he’s the brother of Ian Wright, who kidnapped Grover’s daughter a couple of seasons ago. Grover very evidently believes in the concept of collective sibling guilt.

While Duclair is out setting fire to people, places, and things, Tani decides that she wants to help after all, and assists in Duclair’s capture. In the middle of a forest. Gosh. A forest. Let’s hope Duclair doesn’t escape and set fire to… oh darn it. So while Duclair makes a run for it, Danny and Tani are stuck in a wooden lodge, with the flames getting ever closer, and no hope of rescue; until, that is, Steve does something so blissfully demented that I had to sit on my hands to stop myself from punching the air with glee. I’m less bothered about what looks like this season’s running light relief – Danny and Steve opening a restaurant – but that didn’t get in the way of an excellent episode. And Tani looks as if she’s going to be fun.


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