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Hawaii Five-0 returns tomorrow for a new season. Surprisingly, though, during its off-season this amiable cop romp found itself at the centre of a dispute which quickly became about race and gender: it was announced that Daniel Dae Kim (Chin) and Grace Park (Kono) would not be back for S8, as it had not proved possible to resolve a pay dispute between the two of them and CBS, which makes the show.

The show’s producers, well aware of the fact that when a show set in Hawaii loses its two main non-Caucasian characters the “optics” aren’t great, have responded by promoting Adam Noshimuri, Kamekona, Noelani, and Duke to cast regulars. On top of that, the recruitment gap in the Five-0 itself will be filled by two new characters, played by Meaghan Rath (of Indian descent) and Beulah Koale (of Samoan descent). Ratings have remained solid, suggesting that it’s the format rather than the supporting cast which viewers are turning up for. And I’ll be reviewing weekly as normal (Sunday, Sky 1, 9pm).

In other news, Sky 1 has cornered the American procedural market on Sunday nights: as well as H50, tomorrow sees the return of MacGyver (8pm), and NCIS: LA (10pm), for their second and ninth seasons respectively. Channel 4’s The End Of The F***ing World has made it to Netflix, available now. And BBC Four’s year-by-year rerun of Top Of The Pops has reached 1985 (Fridays, repeats scattered across the schedule).


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