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8.09 – Make me kai

When investigating a deserted yacht adrift at sea, McGarrett, Danny, Tani and Junior are exposed to a deadly bioweapon and the rest of Five-0 have only eight hours to find an antidote, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, Dec. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
CBS translated Make me kai to Death at Sea

In a moment of weakness while Sam was without internet, I said I would try to put together a review. She got her internet back the next day… or was this just a ploy to get out of work??? Hmmm…

Hey now, I did not get back my internet. Well, OK, I kinda did, but no thanks to the cable company. And I’m not really back online, so this review will most likely be light on the pictures. But we’ll see. I am shocked that you think I could ever plot like that to get you to write a review. Ts, ts. But since it worked, let’s hear what you have to say. ????

Anyway, here goes a whole lot of randomness. Instead of a review, I feel like all I did was recap the show, so with Sam’s magic red pen, maybe a lot of this will end up on the cutting room floor.

I have a magic red pen? Wonder where I put it. Sigh. But I can assure you all, nothing landed on the cutting room floor. And for your information, Cokie, I love your review. It’s not just a recap.

Queue the opening scene to an unconscious woman in a raft wearing a sequin dress. A what dress? I had to look up that word. ???? See, learning something new every day. Sorry, please continue…


Pan away to see Honolulu in the background. And folks, there we have the quickest opening teaser in history. Raise your hand if you knew she was involved in whatever was about to ensue. ROFL. Really, you thought she might be involved? Wow, you are such a good detective. And I think you’re right, this was a really short intro, which I really liked.

Next scene, the bickering begins. Actually, it was yammering from the short guy. Steve had a valid point that health-conscious and those with allergies want and need food options that they rarely find at an Italian restaurant. Maybe have a couple of items that those people can enjoy. Gluten free is a biggie right now and dairy allergies are very real.

But the wise one has already “considered” it and his answer is NO. In fact, he was brazen enough to declare that they could eat water “for all he cared”. With his management and excellent people skills, just how long do you give this enterprise? I can hear it now: “I don’t care what you want, Lady, this is my restaurant and you will eat what’s on my menu or you can leave.”

How long do I give this enterprise? If you ask me, it’s already going on way too long. I think it’s a ridiculous plot, not funny at all, and a total waste of screen time. But hey, that is just me.

Yeah, this is gonna work out just fine. Absolutely. Sarcasm out.

And we have poor Junior having to listen to the entire thing and (a) try to be polite; and (b) keep his job. Well, technically he doesn’t have a job just yet. ???? I loved how Steve said that junior knows that he’s right, and just wants to be polite. Good call, Steve.


Side note: Jerry should have cut his hair a long time ago. Just saying. I really like his new haircut. SUCH a huge improvement. It’s no secret that I don’t like Jerry much, and his hair was a big part of it. Now that it is gone, we can talk Jerry again. I might even cut him some slack. Maybe. ????


Another side note: Loved how Steve encouraged Junior to join them at the computer when he was hanging back “observing”. Steve is a born leader. Yes, he is. And again, Junior showed respect by staying back until called to the table. He seems to be the only one these days. I love the way he’s around Steve.

On with the case. They learn where Raft Girl came from and tried to hail the vessel. A satellite view shows that people are either unconscious or dead on deck, so they hop a Coast Guard chopper and head to sea to investigate, leaving Lou and Jerry at HQ.

Wow, ma’am, all that blabla around the smart table in two sentences? ???? OK, Junior is there because he’s shadowing Steve. Got that. Tani goes, well because she needs to learn. The ME, also a logical choice. BUT, why did they take Danny? Hold your horses, this has nothing to do with Dannoying… yet. Either Danny or Tani should have stayed behind with Lou. Why leaving a team member without back-up? Why taking four team members onto the boat? Makes no sense to me.

Why, oh why didn’t we get the scene of them roping down to the boat? Why, why, why???? Steve and a zip line… but I digress… I yelled at the sreen ????

I’m going to guess Leilani (Noelani) ????was glad she didn’t have to go down on a rope. Yeah, probably. I really liked how Junior tried to calm her down, how he gave her tips not to get sick. I do like him.

Steve quickly realized that a biological hazard killed everyone on board and that they were exposed to whatever it was, too. Steve is quickly large and in charge making a call to HQ and then to the chopper putting together a plan of action. Have I ever mentioned how much I love him in action mode? No? Well, I do. Immensely. Bottom line, they remain on the boat to contain the virus.

Steve is the one always knowing what to do. How to do it… and he just does it. Not wasting any time. This again was a perfect example why he is in charge.

In the short 8 minutes the helo (Steve’s word) is still there, they have to collect as much evidence as possible. Danny wasted precious time arguing that Steve didn’t know how he felt. Steve knew more than the others what they were facing but he knew the only safe option was for them to remain on the boat and not have contact with other people. What he gets is more lip from Danny and disbelief from Tani. I am going to give her a pass because she hasn’t seen Steve in his awesomeness for long. She’ll learn.

This was the first time in this episode that I got really mad at Danny. How dare he deny Steve to know what fear is. How dare he deny Steve a human reaction. I loved Steve’s response. Despite his instinct to abandon ship, to get away from the deadly virus, he knows that is not an option. But the point is, Danny doesn’t see Steve as a human being with normal fears. He showed that in the horrible intervention episode and now again here. What a jerk.

Danny… eh, not going to happen no matter how many times Steve manages to save his behind. He sure did nothing to help save himself… No, he will never learn. He will never respect his boss, his so called friend. He believes he is oh so superior as a human being. He couldn’t be more wrong about that. But let’s not waste time on this horribly written character.

As the chopper pulls away, it looks like Leilani has gotten over her fear. I guess it was overcome by her concern for her friends. She was practically hanging out the side door/hatch of the chopper when it flew away. That was kinda funny, but I really liked it. And I think it fit the situation.

Back at HQ, Lou has everything under control. Adam arrives since he knew Raft Girl and he and Lou visit her in quarantine in the hospital… where she has no symptoms of the poison. Hmmm… Clue #2 that she isn’t what she claims. I really laughed at this scene. I mean, come on, Grover is a seasoned officer, he simply believed her story? Hook, line and sinker. That was way out of character. But whatever.

The virus is a Chimera; Ebola/Zaire mixed with something similar to measles so that it spread quickly. Interesting.

Monique tells them she was scared when “Marco” decided to rob everyone. She grabbed a life raft, threw it overboard, slithered over the side and climbed in… and said she paddled for hours. She did all that so quietly that Marco and no one else on board heard her. She’s good. Then Lou said she got away with the only life raft. OK, there are standards. That big boat and only one itty-bitty raft? No way.

That thing was not a life raft, hat was a thingy kids use in the pool. This was totally ridiculous, and just convenient writing. I hate when something is written like this. Ignoring reality altogether.

So, they realize Marco may still be on board. Question: How did he get down into that little hidey-hole and manage to close those stairs behind him? Never mind, I keep thinking logistics and plot. My bad. LOL, I was thinking the same thing. Getting shot with the flare gun is for sure no fun, and I highly doubt he would have been able to get down there on his own. Maybe they placed him there after he died? Guess it’s really not important. Another good laugh gave me Steve looking up through that hedge up to the sky. What did he expect to see? It was a great shot thought. So, not complaining here.

Marco is dead after a flare gun to the face. Not a pleasant way to go. One vial of virus is broken, leading them to believe that Marco had greater intentions for his fun drug than infecting a boat. Once they realized that Marco didn’t die from exposure to the virus, they realized he had to have an antidote. They didn’t find it so Tani decided to pout. Danny had to sit down because suddenly he had symptoms and couldn’t possibly think on his feet. Junior runs off to give Tani a SEAL pep talk. Steve continues to search the boat for the antidote while Danny sits on the couch hugging his pillows. The virus early symptoms are fever, muscle pain and dizziness. Check, check and check; Danny is too sick to move. I love that Steve urged him not to die before he got off his phone call. But I’m not sure why. That could solve a lot of problems. As in closing the restaurant before it opens. LOL, you are on a roll. Keep going. ???? Yes, I loved Steve telling Danny not to die just yet. I heard a lot of sarcasm in it. Great words to the drama queen.


OK, Marco isn’t who he said he was. And guess what? Monique has a boat load of money (pun intended) in several off shore accounts. She was involved. Huh. Who would have guessed? She gets a phone call from a very unhappy buyer for the virus who wants his money back…

How did he know that she was in… ah, never mind, who cares?

Steve was on the phone with Lou when they unraveled all this mystery. He was out on the deck and this was the first time that I noticed that he wasn’t feeling well. A+ for Alex who plays these nuances so well. I love watching how he progresses. So darn good. The three others could take some pointers from him. Tani wasn’t really good at it, Junior didn’t seem to be affected by the virus at all, and let’s not even start on Danny. Just ugh. Again, it felt like Alex was the only one really into the game. Thank you, Sir, for always giving more than 100%.

By the time Lou and Adam arrive at the hospital to Monique’s room, all they find is a dead nurse, so the hospital goes on lockdown… a little too late. Oh my, imagine, she got away. LOL

Back to the boat. All four are on deck getting some sun, and I assume warmth. Tani begins to whine about being begged to join 5-0 only to die two months later from hemorrhagic flu. Nice dig to her boss who is looking sicker as time goes on. I liked when Junior pointed out that at least she has a job.

*** My prediction for the Christmas episode: Junior gets his badge for Christmas. No, really, you think? ????

Back to the whining. Danny points out that Tani is so lucky that she only had to work with Steve, aka, “this lunatic” for 2 months vs. his 7 years. Had I been Steve, I would have used up the last of my strength to throw him overboard. Oh, and I need to disagree with D. “No, you didn’t used to be gorgeous.” Sorry, bud. Totally agree with you on all points. I can only repeat myself, what a jerk! Who is writing him like this, and WHY?!

Steve, looking more sickly, tells them hat Lou and Jerry will find the antidote. Never give up. Steve trusts his team. Yes, he does. And as long he’s breathing, he will never, ever give up. That’s just who he is. I loved that he held on to that phone like a lifeline. He knew he had to call the shots until the end. He was so good in this one.

Only, unfortunately, Monique has flown the coop… er, hospital and Lou has to tell Steve that over the phone. I love Steve stuttering on the phone call like he was having trouble connecting the dots. Again, A+ acting. YES!

Danny decides to enjoy a glass of champagne on the deck while listening to Frank Bama…. um, Jimmy Buffet music. Steve joins him, finally resting. He had to hold onto the chair to keep his balance before sitting down. Great visual there. Great scene.

And D has to start ragging Steve for drinking from the bottle. At least he could have brought up 2 glasses and offered to share. He starts to tell Steve something and Steve assumes he wants to say goodbye. No, D has an idea for the restaurant. Of course, he doesn’t want to share his feelings with his “best” friend. Steve goes along with Danny’s idea for the restaurant when there is thunder in the distance. While Steve’s face gets more worried, D decides to go take a nap.

Back in town, the buyer calls Monique once again and they agree to a meet since she has just gathered up all the money. The camera pans back from his phone call to find 5-0 in his office where he is in custody. Good thing Adam has banker friends who he can call for help. Ah, so Adam came up with where to find him? I wondered how they figured that out.

Another gripe… you are going to close in on a suspect. Why go in with sirens blasting? Why? So said suspect can run away? Of course. Personally, I would park around the block and mosey up behind the person I wanted to arrest. But I guess that is boring. Anyway, Monique gets shot and is dying. Lou keeps the EMS away, hoping to force her to give up the location of the antidote. Big bad Lou was threatening her, but he’s such a teddy bear (pun!) I can’t take him seriously. OH, but I disagree here. Lou would do a lot to safe his friends. Especially Steve. I believed that he would let her die. Getting Lou mad, putting Steve in danger, is a not a good idea. Steve’s his man, you know. ????

Chopper is braving the storm to get four vials of antidote to the boat. Isn’t it a good coincidence that there were 4 vials in that case? Lou is making the antidote delivery personally. Huh, I just thought there was a bottle of it, and they filled four vials with it. ????

Steve wrapped in a blanket comes to give Danny some water to hydrate. Danny whines that he doesn’t want it because he’s cold. So Steve drinks it himself and gets a call from the chopper. It seems like he thought at first the call wasn’t real. He is sick. And he looks much sicker than the wuss asleep on the couch, but Steve doesn’t give up. He goes out onto the deck in a thunderstorm to save his friends. Because that’s what leaders… and good men… do. And he does it so well.


A very cheap cable is lowered down to the boat and the two others come out to help Steve in the storm. One wave and the cable snaps. Junior starts to go overboard for the case when Steve pushes him back and jumps in himself. He reaches the case but disappears in the water. Junior and a life preserver go over to help save him.

Go SEALs! I love them.

Once Junior finds Steve, Tani begins to reel them back in. She helps get Steve on deck where he nearly collapses onboard. They make it inside where Sleeping Beauty is on the couch. You know who Steve gave the first antidote to, don’t you? And I’m sure he saved the last one for himself just in case something happened to the first 3 vials. Because, again, that’s what a leader does. Takes care of his team first. Totally right. That is how it happened. And can now someone please tell me why Dannoying was in this episode? He was useless, totally in the way, and just ballast. And he’s been like that for years, but this season? It’s the worst.

Three days later… we see Danny still in bed.

Junior is doing sit ups

Steve and Tani are playing chess. It appears that D is still the weakest link.

He comes to interrupt the chess game (Steve knew he had lost the game and was holding her off.) At least, that’s my take on things. Yep, agree. Anyway, D interrupts the game to talk about the chairs in the waiting room again. Steve shoots down the idea and, like we began, we end with a whining rant complaining about the “selfish man who cares about nothing other than what he wants”. Yeah, the man who almost single handedly saved your whiny little butt. Again. I so hope one day he won’t. Save that ass.

Have I asked why lately? Why what? I had a few whys to ask. ????

But you know, despite a certain character again being a total useless ass, I truly enjoyed this episode.


There you have it, our joint effort to give you a review. And remember, don’t take anything too seriously. It’s not good for your health. ????


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