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Last Friday it was time for the 8th Sunset on the Beach. It was of course a bit different this year, as it did not feature the premiere of the season. But it was also a special celebration of Episode 175. The show dedicated the evening to the war veterans and a number of them were invited to attend the evening.

And of cause as Number 1 on the call sheet of the show, playing Steve McGarrett,Alex O’Loughlin once again contributed to make the evening into a special event for the fans of the show. Here is a short recap of parts of Alex being Alex during the evening …….

  • He arrived in style and graciously accepted the customary lei.

Video by s_globetrotter on Instagram

  • He came dressed to perfection and with great poise made his way on the red carpet

Picture by Mark Ramelb

Video fromPhotolulu:

  • He greeted fans with his usual enthusiasm:

Video From NinjAloha50:

  • He talked to the press:

  • Had some fun with his fellow cast members:

FromCBS on Instagram

  • Posed with his new partner and housemate on the show. #McEddie Forever

FromMark Ramelb Photography

Full Video by TV Mommie:

tailsticks Dang. My dog is stupidly handsome. #nohashtagneeded

  • Stole some young hearts

From Pam Jklp Benedon on Facebook

Video from Ninjaloha50

Alex is in the house ???????????? #H50#SOTB#FiveOS8#Waikiki ???????? pic.twitter.com/1NQwoICypn

— NinjAloha50 (@ninjaloha50) November 11, 2017

  • Made a heartfelt speech to celebrate the Veterans

    (Transcript of video below)

Now they get a taste of how tricky it is (talking about the executives making speeches before him).

Thank you all very much for coming. I can’t see any of you, but I’m sure you are there.

[Talking to someone close by off stage]: What’s it? [Adjusting how he speaks in the mic]. Is this good? I didn’t even know how to use this.

Look, all week I’ve been thinking about what I would say. And the reason I said yes to speaking is because uhm ……

What we are celebrating today – and I don’t mean the show – I mean Veteran’s day, is very important to me for number of reasons. I started thinking about it and…..

Eight years ago we started on this journey, and this journey required military assistance from many different divisions. And when we reached out a hand and asked for assistance from the US military, we got so many hands back.

One of the biggest hurdle for me saying yes to the role, was that I would be representing a community of very special people within the US Navy. And I think I would be able to do it. And the only reason I have been able to kind of pull it off, is because of the support that I’ve had from select individuals. A number of them are in the crowd tonight. And you know who you are, gentleman.

Uhm ….. [Crowd clapping]

The US Navy SEAL’s – I’ve never had a group of people make me feel more a part of. More equal and more welcome than that community. So first of all I would like to say, a sincere and humble thank you so much to the entire community.

Second of I all I would just like to take a minute to say to every service men and women in this country, whether currently active, deployed or otherwise, whether heading into a retirement or well settled into retirement or whether the memory of the souls that we no longer have – Thank you so much for providing all of us, including guests and ex patriots like me, from Australia and other countries, the freedom that we have every day, the civil liberties that we try not to take for granted and the peace that we have every night when we lay our children down and close our own eyes

So for all you service people out there, from the bottom of our hearts on Hawaii Five-0 – Thank you for your service.


Video fromChiranu Bhirombhakdi @chiranuj

  • You can find the Hawaii News Now slide show of the event pictures here : HNN

  • And of course left us with this wonderful message:

Video edit – Original from CBS TV Studios

A big THANK YOU to everybody who shared their special moments with us all.

Till next year then …….


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