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Last week’s new ‘Hawaii Five-0’ ended with quite the cliffhanger, so just is in store for fans this Friday night on CBS’s beloved drama?

When we last caught up with the Hawaii Five-0 team, the Five-0 task force worked to rescue a handful of young girls who were trapped within a sex trafficking ring the team had been tracking since earlier this season. It was an intense case with ended with Kono making the life-changing decision of fleeing the country in order to head to the states on a mission to bring the sex ring down for good. Oh, and there was that moment when McGarrett revealed that he had indeed been affected by that dirty bomb from earlier in the season and was dealing with health side effects as a result.

It was an event and powerful episode that left us wanting more, but unfortunately we’re going to have to wait a few months before returning to Hawaii to catch up with the team!

For those unaware, last week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 was the final episode of Season 7 but there is good news. While we’ll have to wait some time to see what comes from Kono’s decision to leave the island and McGarrett’s shocking reveal, Hawaii Five-0 will return this fall for another incredible season that will surely answer these questions and more!

Hawaii Five-0 will return with its eighth season this fall on CBS.

Didi you have any idea that Hawaii Five-0‘s seventh season had already wrapped? What was your favorite moment from the season and what are you looking forward to from Season 8? Join the conversation by tweeting @HiddenRemote with your thoughts!

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