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Any case on Hawaii Five-0 which is Danny-centric automatically appeals to me. Flashback episodes, especially back to Season 1, are also wonderful for long-time fans. The combination of both made the most recent episode one of the best of Season 7. Everyone loves nostalgia. Some of the best cases Five-0 has worked has come from trips down memory lane to before the task force was formed. We love how they ended up together, and seeing what life was like before Five-0 only solidifies that. By looking back at the case Danny was working just days before being reassigned to the John McGarrett murder, we remember just what Danny’s life was like back then, and how much better it became from the minute he drew his gun on his now best friend.

When Danny’s first HPD Captain Tanaka knocks on Danny’s door asking for help to take in a witness from an old case into protective custody, we didn’t know it was going to be this good. His witness Makino was thought to be long since dead, but it turns out he’s just been in a coma for 7 years. To save Makino’s life, Danny and Tanaka enlist the help of a long-term care nurse as they avoid bullets through the streets of Oahu. Amidst the sound of gunshots we get to remember just how truly miserable Danny was his first 6 months in Hawaii. Rachel wouldn’t let him see Grace, the guys at the station teased him about his tie, and even the pink bunny and Danny’s late partner made appearances!

By looking to the past, we also get a look at Danny’s possible future. First things first, when it comes time for Charlie to learn to drive, Steve should not be the one to teach him! Not that he’s not the greatest uncle in the world, but Danny’s insurance would go through the roof if Charlie pulled half of the driving stunts Steve has pulled. Better safe than sorry. God forbid Danny should retire too early. Not that he wouldn’t deserve it after all of the bullets he’s taken, but as he points out to an unconscious Makino, he has plenty of reason to keep going. Things have a way of working themselves out. If it wasn’t for this particular case, Danny would never have met Steve. The course of his entire life would be different, lesser. He wouldn’t have found his family his Hawaii, Charlie probably wouldn’t exist, and Danny wouldn’t be as happy as he is today. Sure he’s constantly annoyed with Steve, but they’re the best bromance around.

Be sure to tune in for the last two episodes of Season 7.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 23 Review: "Wehe 'ana (Prelude)"
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