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"Hawaii Five-0" season 7, episode 23 centers on the story of Danny as he tries to protect a person related to a case he once handled. The episode has a title of "Wehe'ana" (Prelude) Meanwhile, episode 24 will come next and is expected to air on May 5.

As per Yahoo, episode 23 focused on how Danny tries to protect a certain key witness after showing some signs of waking up from comatose. He already dealt with this witness from his last HPD case. The episode features the life of the witness who is apparently in danger. Hence, Danny also plays a major role in order to protect the witness from the attack of the opponents.

Further, episode 23 synopsis also talks about how Danny works in order to resolve an old case that he has been investigating. It is a certain case he had way before he was with Honolulu Police Department before he met Steve and become part of the team. As the witness emerges from coma, Danny will do everything he can to protect her life. All other details will be revealed as this new episode unfolds, Econotimes reported.

Meanwhile, "Hawaii Five-0" season 7, episode 23 also had some promotional pictures which were posted online. The photos also feature Danny who is struggling from a chokehold by a female nurse. Further, it is also shown in the promo photos that the nurse in a blue scrub tries to end the life of the comatose patient.

Further, as the series continues, some stars made its guest appearance. Among the names on the list are Lori Petty as Nurse Jenny Kitson and Michael Paul Chan who portray the role of Danny's former HPD captain, Tanaka. On the other hand, the upcoming episode 24 will have a title of "He ke'u na ka 'alae a Hin" (A Croaking By Hina's Mudhen). It will be directed by Krishna Rao and CBS will air it on the first Friday of May.

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