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Tonight on Hawaii Five-0 season 7, Danny finds himself protecting coma patient who was also a witness from the last case he worked as HPD. You are not going to want to miss tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 2017. If you missed the last episode of Hawaii Five-0, you can find my Hawaii Five-0 recap right here! Tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 started off with Danny gets a visit from Capt. Tanaka of the HPD. Danny is told that a witness that they thought was dead is still alive. He is in an assistant living facility and has been in a coma for seven years. Doctors are saying that he might be waking up soon so Tanaka and Danny head over.

While they are there, there is a security breach and the facility has been placed on lock down and Danny thinks that someone is trying to kill his witness. He calls McGarrett for some backup and while waiting for him a nurse comes into the room. Danny thinks something is fishy when she uses the patients name, no one knows his real name. She then attacks Danny when he gets suspicious. Danny is able to use the needle she prepared for the patient on her.

Danny and Tanaka find a burner phone on her and when she gets a text asking if she needs them to come in, Danny responds with “All good here.” Whoever is trying to kill the patient, McKino, then calls the phone and when Danny tries to get the other nurse to pose as the woman they sent in, they don’t buy it. He is able to talk the real nurse into moving McKino to another facility before he is killed by the hitman.

After getting McKino into an ambulance for transport, the hitman catch up and start firing at the ambulance. They nick the breathing tube, but the nurse is able to patch it up. Tanaka opens fire out the back window of the ambulance and is able to buy some time. Unfortunately, they manage to drive over a spike strip at the security booth on their way out. They manage to get it to a nearby house and get McKino’s ventilator plugged in.

Kono, Grover and Chin all head over to a known associate of the dead nurse who tried to kill McKino and Danny. They believe he is the one that ordered the hit because he had a lot to lose if McKino woke up. He tried to kill McKino seven years ago but McKino was able to get away. McKino could ID him which is motive to have him killed.

Meanwhile, the hitmen that were following Tanaka, Danny, McKino and the nurse in the ambulance, they have called Danny. They tell him that they found the ambulance and they have the house surrounded. McGarrett still hasn’t gotten there and the hitmen have started shooting at the house. The hitmen enter the house but moments later, McGarrett shows up and drives through the front of the house and takes out the hitmen.

We end the episode off with McKino being brought back to the facility before being transferred to a better secured facility. McGarrett is tucking Danny’s son, Charlie. Danny is visiting with McKino, who isn’t awake, but Danny wanted to get some things off his chest. He apologizes to McKino for not answering the phone seven years ago when he tried to call him. Thanks him for risking his life back then to try and put some really bad people away. He then tells him all about the 5-0 team. We also get a look at the day that Danny and McGarrett met for the first time. Danny was working McGarrett’s father’s case.

Make sure to come back next week to find out what happens on Hawaii Five-0 2017!

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