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With finale season quickly approaching, many series have taken a break this week but is ‘Hawaii Five-0’ among the majority or minority?

When we last caught up with the Five-0 task force, Steve managed to learn about his grandfather’s impact at Pearl Harbor while working the murder investigation of one of the last survivors of the USS Arizona. Meanwhile, Adam returned and was quickly thrust into yet another mystery while working at his new construction job and ended up helping to bring a killer to justice.

It was so great to see the entire Hawaii Five-0 ohana together again, but unfortunately our reunion is being cut short due to CBS’s’ decision to air a Hawaii Five-0 rerun this Friday night rather than a new outing.

Although, we won’t be treated to a new episode, fans looking to get their Five-0 fix can do so via the rerun of Season 7’s ninth episode, “Elua La Ma Nowemapa (Two Days in November).” In the episode, the team dug into one of the most notorious unsolved mysteries when looking into the murder of a conspiracy theorist who was killed while digging for answers surrounding JFK’s assassination and the role his cabinet my have had in his death.

Don’t miss a new episode of Hawaii Five-0 Friday, April 28 at 9/8c!

Are you disappointed to hear that CBS won’t be airing a new episode of Hawaii Five-0 this Friday night and will instead air a rerun of an earlier Season 7 episode? Join the conversation by tweeting @HiddenRemote with your thoughts on CBS’s decision not to air a new episode this week.

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