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Danny's (Scott Caan) life before Steve (Alex O'Loughlin) comes back to haunt him in the next episode of CBS's long-running police procedural series "Hawaii Five-0." What new perspectives and realizations will this give him and what assistance will he require from his old and new teams?

The official synopsis for the episode titled "Wehe 'ana (Prelude)" states that Danny will be hard-pressed to protect a coma patient who is showing signs of waking up. The patient turns out to be the key witness in his last case with the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) before he was recruited into the Five-0 Task Force.

It seems that this key witness has something very important to say that can incriminate someone who does not want to be incriminated. A promotional image for the episode shows Danny struggling with a female nurse, who may have made an attempt to end the coma patient's life.

Will staying with the patient to ensure his safety create significant shifts in Danny's motivation as a law enforcer? Will it make him miss his old job or will it instead give him some much-needed alone time to reminisce about the reasons why he accepted the offer from Five-0 in the first place?

And as for Steve, it seems that the two of them are working at what looks to be a boy's bedroom when the call about the coma patient comes, because, in another image, Steve is left to finish the job on his own. Could this room be for Danny's son, Charlie (Zach Sulzbach)? And can Steve put it all together by himself before he has to run and bail Danny out of trouble?

Meanwhile, there are only three episodes left in the current season, and CBS has revealed that Steve's life will once again be put in peril when Five-0 tries to rescue a group of young girls from a sex trafficking ring that Steve and his crew have been tracking a while now. How will this incident affect Steve's health and well-being when the eighth season rolls around? The case will also have a deep impact on Kono (Grace Park), who will, in turn, make a life-changing decision.

"Hawaii Five-0" season 7 episode 23 airs Friday, April 28 at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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