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"Hawaii Five-0" season 7 episodes get more enticing as Five-0 task force face more challenges again. The latest episode features the team who will be taken as hostages. Meanwhile, upcoming scenes from episode 22 will also show the task force as they handle a new investigation of the murder survivor in the USS Arizona.

"Hawaii Five-0" season 7 took its hiatus for a while and finally, the series now returns with new episodes. On Episode 21, the task force is set to team up with PI Harry Brown in order to help a certain kidnap victim. Apparently, the victim might also be the mastermind behind the kidnap plan since she wanted her husband to pay for her, Hidden Remote reported.

Further, the episode also features McGarett together with the team who will be taken as hostages by dangerous people without signs of letting them leave safe and alive; after tracking down an opponent in the Island of Lanai. However, the team is expected to make plans of escape and thus, there is no way for them not to get out from the jungle alive.

On the other hand, episode 22 will feature a different scene where Five-0 team is expected to handle another investigation of a certain murder case. Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarett will handle the case that happened in USS Arizona about a certain murder survivor. As he works with the investigation, he will also unexpectedly uncover the role of his grandfather in the Pearl Harbor way back 1940s, Econotimes reported.

Meanwhile, one of its teammate Adam will also uncover some bone fragments at the place of his new job. He will also ask the help of Jerry to help him discover what had happened behind. The episode synopsis centers on the team as they handle an investigation that seems to be an emotional one. Episode 22 is expected to air on CBS by April 14.

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