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Elsewhere on CBS, shows were also doing well. MacGyver landed a 1.1 ratings and Blue Bloods did a 1.2 rating, leading CBS to win the night. In fact, Hawaii Five-0's numbers might be enough that the series wins the week, at least in regards to dramas and when discussing the 18-49 demographic. CBS frequently has a lot of shows on the air that do a much higher total viewership than other networks; however, the other networks can compete because they often skew younger. For instance, this week, ABC's Shark Tank also did a 1.2 rating, similar to Blue Bloods, although Blue Bloods did over 10 million viewers and Shark Tank only did a bit over 5 million. Still, it's an impressive feat for some of CBS' long-running shows to be making such a noticeable mark in the ratings at this point in the game.

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