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“Hey,” he said to Kono and Chin around a mouthful of pickles.  “You tried these?  They’re good.”

The jar was one of many from a larger box.  It was Kono who made the connection first.  “Those aren’t-“

The return address belonged to the hospital.  “Should we tell him?”

Danny immediately stopped chewing.  “Tell me what?”

Kono’s only response was revulsion.

“Tell me what?!”

“Those are specimen jars,” Chin announced.  “From Bergman’s lab.”

Danny’s reaction was instantaneous.  His eyes grew wide.  He shoved the jar into Kono’s hands.  Then he ran.

He flushed the pickles and his record down the toilet.

(Repost. 100 words.  In reference to “Palekaiko”.  Originally written in 2010 as trekkingalong.)

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