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We start with the death-throes of a murdered mermaid, bleeding out through her facial orifices, as the water turns red around her. Maybe time to send the kids to bed? Not an actual mermaid, though: an adult woman dressed as one at Oahu’s “premier mermaid experience”. Dear God, this is a thing. And apparently a thing which can set you back up to ten large for a tail. Danny wonders aloud whether that’s money which would-be mermaids should be spending on therapy instead. Tani, on the other hand – well, it’s on her bucket list.

Anyway, the deceased mermaid was Gwendoline Baker, a woman in her thirties who worked for a health and beauty company which goes in for “multi-level marketing”, i.e. pyramid selling. And, as she was nearly at the top of the pyramid, it follows that there are hundreds of people below her, all with thousands of dollars’ worth of unsold crap and a motive. But they’re not the only ones: there’s a husband she was about to divorce, and the CEO of the organisation is pretty sketchy as well.

Meantime, in what starts off as an irrelevant B-plot, Adam has finally made a friend who isn’t in the Yakuza: Hal (Bob Hiffermann) a homeless and deaf man, who became detached from his family when his drinking problem became too much. Adam makes it his business to reconnect Hal with his family; Hal is resistant, but Adam – remembering how much his friends helped him when he hit rock bottom – persists. The message seems to be that families come in all shapes and sizes.

The murder is solved. Hal makes his way home. Adam toasts his friends. And Junior fulfils Tani’s fantasy – or, at any rate, one of them – by signing her up for mermaid camp and buying her a tail. Are we going to see them couple up before the end of the season, I wonder? Hardly a demanding episode, but I liked it a lot.


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9.20 Ke ala o ka pu

First of all, let me thank you for still sticking around. I know we haven’t been the most productive lately. But it’s not due to lack of interest, it’s just because of too little time. There is a lot going on in our lives, and as you all know, real life comes first.

So, here is another review, but it, again, lacks pictures. But LeiCa already provided us with great screenshots. And you can always head over to IntenseStudy; they did a great job with Steve in this episode.

Without further ado, here is our little review for 9.20. Is it twenty episodes already? Unbelievable.

“Ke ala o ka pū” – Five-0 must locate a teen girl who purchased a gun from a junkie, and discover that the firearm, over the course of decades, has affected all of their lives, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

CBS translated Ke ala o ka pū to Way of the Gun

“Cokie, do you want to begin?”

“Yes. Finally, we have a show that I am interested in commenting on. I really enjoyed this one and thought the directing was excellent. I loved the transition from the flashbacks to present day.”

“That is true. Despite the huge plotholes, we’ll come to that later, I enjoyed it, too. I am a fan of flashbacks, so this promised to be a really good one. Unfortunately, not all flashbacks could hold my interest, and one in particular made me quite mad. But more about that later, too.”

“We open with a young girl named Bonnie buying a handgun; a very old .38. She was very computer savvy and ordered it up online and also knew her way around the seedy part of town. I’m guessing Daddy didn’t have a clue what she was capable of doing. When she was putting bullets in the gun, I loved the way they showed the gun barrel which then morphed into the scene through the tunnel. I thought that was great.”

“Yes, the camera work and editing on this episode was great. But let me tell you, if I were a young girl, wanting to buy a gun, I for sure wouldn’t go for a revolver. Sure, this was necessary for the story, but it was a rather odd choice. But fine, go on please.”

“We have the first flashback to 1983. The McGarretts had an icky green telephone in the living room. 🙂 But Stevie does have cute pajamas. Someone help me; was that Inspector Gadget on the TV?”

“I read on twitter that it was.”

“John tells his family goodbye and heads out to the unknown after a phone call from this young cop that he didn’t seem to know. Hatcher wants to kill John for putting him in prison ten years ago. He even had the same gun that he had used to kill that person.”

“Question. Why was he out just ten years later? And John must have been really young when he had arrested that guy. Just thinking… go on.”

“He gives John all the reasons he wants him dead and mentions that he knows John has a son named Steve…”

“Why the heck did he do that? To threaten John to hurt his family too? I thought that was kinda odd.”

“… cut to present day Steve at a murder scene of a man named Kerrigan who just happened to be shot with a .38. Naturally, their first thought was that Bonnie was the shooter. They head back to HQ.”

“Again, some great shots and camera angles.”

“Is this a good place to mention that Steve has a new shirt? A nice, summery green and white plaid shirt. Now, as Sam pointed out to me, it would have looked nicer in blue, but still, it is a nice shirt. And new. And not a navy tee shirt. Maybe someone bought it for Steve’s birthday last month.”

“You are so shallow. LOL. Yes, we can agree that it was nice to see Steve in a new shirt.” 🙂


“Now we have a second flashback, back to 2010.”

“Do we have to? This one made me mad. Just a fair warning.”

“Danny’s first evening in Hawaii. Talking to Grace on the phone, baseball hat, necktie and already dissing local food.”

“I guess I have to speak up for Danny here. Oh my goodness, hold the presses. LOL. No, seriously, he took heat for not appreciating the local food. But come on, give him a break. He just arrived, probably after a crappy flight, living in a crappy apartment, spent all his money on moving to Hawaii. All in all he hated the circumstances with all his heart. And I can totally understand his need for some comfort food on his first night. I would expect him to be open to his new life in the coming weeks and years, yeah, we all know that didn’t happen. But honestly, on that first night, I don’t see it as disrespect or anything like that. He was just a kinda depressed guy looking for something familiar in this strange new place. So, there you have it, defending Danny here. But not to worry, he pissed me off soon enough.” 😉

“There is a guy in the convenience store waving a gun and D walks up to him and begins a conversation. He had a phone and he was hidden from view. Would it not have been wise to call 911 and REPORT the crime before making the guy mad?

No, I guess not. Danny gets shot at and the store owner gets shot. Again, would it have been wise to call 911 and ask for EMS for the owner and maybe report the crime? Guess not, again. The better idea was to take the shotgun and run after the thief through the dark alleys, ending up with no perp and having no idea where he was. NOW is the time to call HPD. He says he is a detective, doesn’t yet have a badge, can’t really tell them where he is and gets around to reporting that there was a robbery at the store.

And HPD still hired him.”

“ROFL. Couldn’t say it any better. This made me so mad. He was such an idiot. Why do they paint him like that? And fits in no way the Danny we meet later in the pilot. Always ranting about calling for back-up first. Sorry, but this was really, really dumb. And the death of the shop owner is on him. He should have stayed, and do anything in his power to save him. That girl was in total shock, and he just left her in charge there. Without calling for any help. Dumb! Shouldn’t the victim always come first? Before you go after someone, you make sure that help is on the way, and do anything to keep the victim alive. He had no gun, no badge and was off duty. He made one mistake after the other, and in the end a man died, and the perp got away.”

“Back to the present. They discover which school Bonnie attends and go to meet her and Dad. She said she didn’t buy a gun and didn’t know the dead guy. Dad gets all huffy and took her home although the team knows there is more to the story.”

“OK, hold on for a minute here. They had a witness who ID-ed that girl. Wasn’t that enough to at least question her, or even enough to search her house? Just because she said “I didn’t do it” and that was it? That can’t be right. Anyway, go on.”

“Back at HQ, they find Mom on Facebook. Lo and behold, there is a picture of Bonnie, Mom and Kerrigan. Guess Bonnie lied. Hard to believe.”

“LOL, what good luck to find a picture of them. How convenient.”

“Cut to the third flashback, this time to Tani in 2015. It is called blah-blah-blah, get Koa out of trouble. Again. She was running with the crowd that she still has trouble keeping away from in present day. Oh, and she had really bad hair.”

“Sorry, but I will completely skip this part. So tired of Tani and her story already. I can’t stand her. I hope she will be put into her place soon. Ugh.”

“Bonnie got picked up from school and caught in a lie. She confesses to knowing Kerrigan, who liked to beat on her Mom. She bought the gun to shoot him when he did it again. Yes, that always works out so well.”

“Oh yeah, what a great plan. Really not a mastermind, is she?!”

“No one can find Mom. She said the gun was at Mom’s house, but it wasn’t where she left it.”

“OK, if you were a detective, good or bad one, wouldn’t you check all her friends? I mean, Mom’s friends? Her new boyfriend beat her up, where would she go? Bingo, BFF. Guess that is too hard to figure out.”

“So, now the team thinks mom found the gun and she killed Kerrigan.”

“Yeah, right.”

They learn Mom contacted dad that morning, so now suspicion goes from her to him. Since he is on his way in to get his daughter, he gets arrested in the hall. He confessed and told the whole story about how Kerrigan had the gun and pulled it on him.”

“Sigh. Kinda anticlimactic, don’t you think?”

“They found mom who had been beaten up and was staying with a friend. It is assumed that eventually, all worked out for Bonnie and her parents.”

“Right, and all is well in the end.”

“Back at HQ, they learned that the .38 had quite an illustrious history. Fourteen crimes that they found in its 46 year history.

Danny found his crime in 2010 and Tani found hers in 2015. They were able to backtrack from her crime and find out who had the gun in 2010, picking up and arresting the robber and murderer of the store clerk. Of course, by his account, he has been a model citizen since then.”

“Yes, of course.” >insert eyeroll<

Steve found the crime back in 1983 that his dad worked on and they realized Duke was also on that case, so Steve and Duke have a chat. I don’t understand why Duke said he had never discussed the crime in 36 years. Why? Why didn’t he and John talk about it? Duke’s partner was killed and that was apparently when Duke and John met. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

“No, absolutely not. But honestly, Steve and Duke were the best scenes. Loved them together. More please!”

We cut to another Steve and John memory with John telling him all about bad guys and why he is a cop.

They managed to use the gun’s serial number and find out who had the gun in 1986. They found Hester in California so they did the hop, skip and jump over to the mainland and knocked on Hester’s door. Was he always that vigilent in watching for intruders? They knocked and he sure answered… with two blasts to his front door.

But as poetic justice, Duke shot him in the leg and their roles were reversed. Duke introduced both Steve and himself and the history circle has been completed.”

“Awww, as I said, the best scenes. And can we please see more of young John McGarrett? This was his second time, and I would LOVE to see him again.”


“We morph back to Hawaii and watch a totally boring ending with the gun placed in an evidence box.

But this was an episode that held my interest. And I will be totally shallow and mention again that Steve has a new shirt. And looks mighty fine in it.”

“Well, there were huge plotholes in this episode, but I was very well entertained, and enjoyed the episode. Could have gone without the one or other flashback, but all in all, I really enjoyed it.”

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International criminal/drug cartel head Alejandro Vega, off of the FBI’s Most Wanted List, surrenders to the HPD. He’s so evil he’s known as El Diablo. Jerry fanboys a bit about how he’s done a deal with the Devil, or something. El Diablo, I mean. Not Jerry.

Three days later, there’s a hurricane coming, which the Five-0 deal with in a variety of ways. Junior and Tani, the new guys, get sent out onto the streets to round up anyone ignoring the evacuation orders. Danny plays mummies and daddies with Rachel. And Steve, Grover, Adam, and Jerry are at HQ, where they suddenly have to deal with a Diablo-related request.

You see, the hurricane has halted El D’s transfer to the least pleasant supermax prison on the mainland. HPD’s safe house is in the evacuation zone. And El Diablo has escaped from custody four times before. So where can he be stashed until the storm blows over? Well, in the Five-0’s rendition facility, that’s where. I didn’t even know that they had a rendition facility, but it just turns out to be the place – the Blue Room – where they carry out their interrogations. Steve has a little skin in the game, because one of his friends was, of course, killed by El Diablo. Of course.

But then someone gets behind the security cordon at HQ and kills a couple of redshirts. Understandably the Five-0 think the intruder is coming to break El Diablo out. But hold on, I was thinking – didn’t he just surrender? If you did that just so you could break out, mind you, that would be badass. Not so, though; the stranger wants to kill El D, for reasons which are revealed fairly swiftly. So now Steve needs to protect the world’s most wanted etc. There is a very good fistfight. And meantime Tani has found herself being held hostage by a family which really doesn’t want to evacuate. There is a very good shootout, involving the contents of a fridge. It is, in fact, a good episode, with a nice little premise on which the show largely delivers. (And El Diablo does, at the end, try to escape. Respect.)


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Luka, a young musician friend of Flippa, is murdered, and his van stolen in the process. A cursory investigation of Luka’s background reveals that he’d just paid around $5000 to Annie, a 15-year-old girl, one of whose hairs is recovered from his clothing. So we know where we’re going, right? Well, no; Luka was also a family therapist who had been counselling Annie, who is gay and whose idiot parents want to send her to Idaho for “conversion therapy”. So Luka had been arranging for her to go to a sanctuary home in Hawaii, while also giving her money for legal advice.

The idiot parents are called in, confirm that they’d had a PI investigate Luka, and explain that this isn’t about torturing Annie; it’s about her “spiritual welfare”. Steve has the demeanour of a man who’s about to use his fists to effect some “conversion therapy” of his own. But then the stolen van is spotted on CCTV, with recent prisoner Connor Russell at the wheel. There’s no connection between Russell and Annie’s parents, but after a bit of digging it turns out that Russell is a white supremacist, and there’s scientific evidence which suggests he’s been making a fertiliser bomb.

And thus the plot takes another twist, as the Five-0 tries to hunt Russell down before he can detonate his bomb. There are two postscripts: one in which Annie, now emancipated, pays tribute to Luka; and another in which Grover tells Steve about a racist incident he endured in Illinois. I wondered whether Chi McBride might have had some input into the writing here, although I may be wrong (and I don’t want to downplay the role of the actual writers).

Anyway, a particularly interesting episode: H50 is generally very keen on extolling the virtues of America, so it might well have been bracing for some of its audience to be reminded that tolerance and humanity are among those virtues. I suspect, therefore, that there might have been viewers who didn’t like it for that reason. Too bad. I did.


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“O ke kumu, o ka māna, ho‘opuka ‘ia” – While Adam investigates the murder of an undercover FBI agent about to wed the daughter of a Yakuza leader, Noelani is held hostage and forced, along with her mentor Dr. Chu (Page Leong), to operate at gunpoint on a criminal, on HAWAII FIVE-0, Friday, April 26 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

(“O ke kumu, o ka māna, ho‘opuka ‘ia” is Hawaiian for “The Teacher, the Pupil – Let it come forth”)

OK, again, what is Adam’s qualification to be a Special Task Force member? None needed? Got it. Now he is investigating a murder? OK, I give up on any kind of logic.

Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett)
Scott Caan (Danny “Danno” Williams)
Chi McBride (Lou Grover)
Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri)
Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega)
Meaghan Rath (Tani Rey)
Beulah Koale (Junior Reigns)
Taylor Wily (Kamekona)
Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela)
Kimee Balmilero (Noelani Cunha)

Brittany Ishibashi (Tamiko)

Page Leong (Dr. Chu)
Alexander Wraith (Aleki)
Sonny Saito (Masuda)
Ernest Bailey (Al Walters)
Teri Reeves (Abby)
Tierre Turner (Gunman #2)

WRITTEN BY: Rob Hanning & Ashley Dizon
DIRECTED BY: Brad Turner

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