Jack Lord and Art


Lithograph by Jack Lord

Under the name of "What Aloha Means"
Numbered: 50

Under the name of "Aloha Nui Loa"
Numbered: 400

?What Aloha Means

The poem - by Don Blanding - reads as follows:

It?s more than just an easy word
For casual goodbye
It?s gayer than a greeting - ?sadder than a sigh,
It?s all the tender messages
That words can not convey
Its tears ushed and longing
For a loved one gone away
It?s welcome to Hawaii
And it?s lingering farewell, in it?s the dear and silent things
That lovers lips can tell
It?s woven onto flower leis and old hawaiin song
It?s frailer than a spider web
It?s fresh as dew on ginger blooms and older than the moon
It ?s in the little lullabies that native mother croon
Aloha means I love you, so I say?

?Aloha Oe??