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With very special thanks to Nadja in Berlin.?


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  • Remembering Jack Lord

    View Comments Remembering:?Jack LordLord was born John Joseph Ryan in New York City on a December 30, and graduated from New York University where...
  • Winter Scene

    View Comments WINTER SCENEA 6" x 6" Tile by Jack Lord depicting a beautiful winter scene.This scene is thought to be from New York, poss...
  • Hawaii Five-0 - now and then

    View Comments The new Hawaii Five-0 Season 1 is now finished on CBS. A good time to look at the new series vs the old one:Hawaii Five-0 Then Versu...
  • Tai

    View Comments TAI * a Calligraphy by Jack Lord * 22" x 30" Lithograph entitled, TAI. Total print run consists of only 15 Prints...

NEW Hawaii Five-0