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  • 3 Rare Speeches Personally Written by Jack Lord on Hawaii Five-0 's Fifth Season & 2 on Legendary Singer Don Ho
  • Speech Written by Jack Lord Celebrating Legendary Hawaiian Entertainer Don Ho. Amazingly this was written on the back of a script page from the Hawaii Five-0 series.?
  • 4 Page Printed Speech by Jack Lord For A Tribute to Don Ho- very amusing including lines such as (Don Ho said)"I never sold a picture of myself taken with a tourist. I just give them out and ask for a donation"
  • An Amazing 2 Page Script Written by Jack with his hand written additions.Speech was delivered on the occasion of the beginning of the start of Hawaii Five-0's 5th season, at the start of filming. The cool part is this too is typed on the back of 2 pages of script from the Five-0 series. (photocopies of pages are included on the back of this 2 sided copy). It includes a mention of Michael O'Herlihy, and Lennie Freeman, plus a welcome to newcomers Al Harrington and Herman Wedermeyer.?


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Part of the Speeches Set?