Jack Lord Filmography


The Tattooed Stranger first aired in the US on the 9th February 1950. The movie features 3 short sequences with Jack Lord as Det. Deke Del Vecchio (uncredited). This is Jack Lord's third TV/Movie appearance of his career.

Movie excerpt incl. those scenes Jack Lord is appearing in:



Produced, directed and written by the makers of RKO's "This is America" series of shorts, shot in a semi-documentary style on location in New York City: The body of a dead car is discovered in a car in Central Park, and the only clue is a small tattoo of the emblem of the United States Marine Corps. The police learn that she was a bigamist who defrauded the U. S. Government of the insurance checks of her WWII service men'husbands.' A young detective, Tobin, pieces together small bits of growing evidence and finally shoots it out with the killer in storage yard of a tombstone cutter. A botanist, Mary Marhan, helps with the multi-forensics investigation.


John Miles ... Detective Tobin
Patricia Barry ... Mary Mahan (as Patricia White)
Walter Kinsella ... Lieutenant Corrigan
Frank Tweddell ... Captain Lundquist
Rod McLennan ... Captain Gavin
Henry Lasko ... Joe Canko
Arthur L. Jarrett ... Johnny Marseille (as Arthur Jarrett)
Jim Boles ... Fisher
William Gibberson ... Aberfoyle?