Jack Lord and Elvis Presley

  • Elvis introduces Jack Lord

    Here are two introductions by Elvis Presley honoring Jack Lord in the audience of two of his concerts. The first one was Elvis' show in Honolulu, Hawaii on 14th January 1973 - wh...
  • Jack Lord and Elvis Presley

    Jack Lord's Special Memory of Elvis By Marcia Borie(taken with special permission from Elvis Australia: www.elvis.com.au) Elvis Presley had the ability to touch others' lives as...

Jack Lord and his Art

  1. Sand Island
  2. In the Beginning
  3. Pulehelua
  4. The Loner

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The Court Marshall of Billy Mitchell

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Jack Lord accepts an Oscar in 1964

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The New Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-O is aseries that starred Jack Lord as Lead Detective for a fictional Hawaii state police department.
The portrayal of Felix Leiter by Jack Lord was so strong that it was decided to vary the character of Felix Leiter in future Bond movies to strenghthen Bond as the main focus.
Man of the West, starring Gary Cooper, is a 1958 western film directed by Anthony Mann in his last film in the genre.
Stoney Burke is a short-lived Western television series broadcast on the ABC television network from October until May 1962/63.

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